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Not Enough Laws.

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In the West we often think how hard done by we are, by the law.

Too many laws, too many restrictions, but have you ever considered that one law was starkly missing, one for: corporate manslaughter.

I have long thought that a law on corporate manslaughter is a dire necessity, but until 2008 there wasn’t one, and certainly it should have been used in light of Trafigura’s corporate neglect and poisoning of Ivory Coast residents.

Still, older readers will remember how that was not the first, nor the last occasion when a large company absolved itself of guilt by paying a few hundred million dollars, washing their hands of any guilt.

Another company did that too, Union Carbide.

Twenty-five years ago the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India released a toxic gas into the area around the plant, about 4000 died immediately.

Tens of thousands died within a few days of being exposed to the toxic gas, and yet whilst they were liable Union Carbide did not accept responsibility, eventually paying about $400 million damages to the Madhya Pradesh government, and building a hospital.

Even to this day the Union Carbide plant still pollutes the locality, and yet no one in the corporation has been found guilty of mass murder or negligence.

25 years on there is still the need for an enforceable international corporate manslaughter law, 25 years on we should remember the people of Bhopal.

Written by modernityblog

03/12/2009 at 03:56

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  1. I agree. THis is one area where enforceable legislation is desperately needed. Until then, the likes of Trafigura will carry on theur callous activites

    jams O'Donnell

    03/12/2009 at 12:45

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