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The Guardian And Ben White’s Substandard Journalism.

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How the Guardian has changed, from being a leading provincial newspaper to becoming a national periodical, a bastion of good liberal values. That’s what it was like once, but nowadays if you want to see what anti-Jewish racists are saying you don’t need to surreptitiously slip in to the back of a Far Right meeting held in a dingy Pub, or visit one of the many neo-Nazi forums on the Internet.

No, none of that is necessary.

Just pop along to Comment Is Free and watch how assorted racists, bigots and the deranged attack Jews and Israelis, courtesy of the Guardian’s on-line service.

Not only does the Guardian provide an outlet for the Far Right, neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers, it also commissions articles from various journalists who are renowned for having a certain chip on their shoulders, and Ben White is one of those, for sure.

Ben White has made much of his supposed expertise on the Middle East, and in particular Israel.

Nothing could be further from the truth, White only has to publish something for it to be picked apart by others.

So it is with his latest attempt, to malign Israelis and paint them as the worst possible inhabitants of the Middle East, and in that he failed.

Over at CiF Watch, Israelinurse has ripped apart White’s shoddy journalism.

I do wish the Guardian would return to its old values and stop being the home of anti-Jewish racism amongst the chattering classes.

Written by modernityblog

04/12/2009 at 14:04

4 Responses

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  1. The Guardian comment is free is the home of the shoddy and the second rate. No research is necessary, in fact it is booed loudly. Facts are rejected by the know-nothing crowd the shebeen attracts lately. Everybody there knows that Israel commits crimes against Palestinians daily cruelly and with malice aforethought if you believe the nasties who scrawl their graffiti there in lieu of on a loo wall.


    04/12/2009 at 14:55

  2. Poor Ben White.

    I have come to enjoy his frothing at any aspect if Israeli life which comes to his attention. The present article relates to the Bedouin population in the Northern Negev. It doesn’t cross his ‘cherubic’ musings that most of these particular Bedouin choose Israel before Egypt, Jordan and other ‘brother’ Arab states and prefer the ‘awful’ conditions that Israel extends to them in preference to that provided by Egypt and Jordan.

    Such is Ben White and CIF.


    04/12/2009 at 15:46

  3. […] The Modernity Blog has an interesting article reflecting on Ben White’s journalism in the Guardian. […]

  4. […] White has a lot of […]

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