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A Racist Speaks Out On YouTube.

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That nauseating and disturbing individual, Gilad Atzmon, is at it again, droning on about the “Offal libel” once more, but seemingly in all seriousness.

The racism that slips from Atzmon’s lips is staggering, and I would like to apologise to readers for this link to a rather nasty conspiracy theorist’s and 9/11 truther’s YouTube channel, but it is an illustration of how far Atzmon has gone.

Atzmon casually discusses the lie concerning organ harvesting at 03:46 on this video clip.
[Warning: a link to awful material, full of conspiracy theories and antisemitic filth]

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  1. […] Gilad Atzmon droning on about the “Offal libel”. […]

  2. […] A Racist Speaks Out On YouTube. […]

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