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Blogs at UnionBook.

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I covered them briefly last year but Eric Lee’s UnionBook now offers blogs, here’s Eric explaining it:

“More and more union members are blogging — but many of them are taking advantage of free blogging services offered by corporations like Google (Blogger and Blogspot) and Microsoft (Spaces on Windows Live). These blogs usually feature some kind of advertising (otherwise, why would they be offered to you for free?). Your blog will be one of millions that those corporations host, unlikely to be seen by the particular audience that you may be aiming to reach.

UnionBook offers free, and advertising-free, blogs to all its users. When you post something new to your UnionBook blog, it’s seen by those logging into the site, on our Dashboard page.

If you’ve not yet tried out this wonderful feature, login to your account and go here.

Alternately, click on ‘Blogs’ from the Tools menu.

If you’ve forgotten your password to login to UnionBook, go here.

If you can’t remember your user name, write to and send us the email address you think you registered under — we’ll find your user name for you.

Finally, as some of you will be aware, we’ve had to tighten up access to UnionBook following a relentless assault by spammers. This is now largely under control. However, it means that we’ve needed to individually authorize each new account. If when you login you get a message saying that your account has yet to be authorized by an administrator, and it’s not letting you use the site, email us and we’ll sort it out.

Thanks for all your support — and enjoy UnionBook!

Eric Lee”

Written by modernityblog

14/12/2009 at 14:31

2 Responses

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  1. I tired joining Unionbook a couple of months ago. I registered to find I had to be authorized (what are they afraid of), but after waiting for my authorization email. I clicked the activate link only to get an error telling me that I need to register to join. After many failed attempts to join, I created a Union Social network that actually works. members dont have to be authorized. they register and immediately start utilizing the site.

    Share this info if you find I am not the only one who couldnt get on the site


    16/02/2010 at 23:24

  2. WEll if you have any problems with Unionbook, just email Eric Lee. he’ll help quickly.


    17/02/2010 at 00:15

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