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The Master Race And Tattoos.

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To say that neo-Nazis are often monumentally dumb would be an understatement, as this would-be member of the Master Race shows:

“John Allen Ditullio is a walking billboard for the neo-Nazi movement: a 6-inch swastika tattooed under his right ear, barbed wire inked down the right side of his face, and an extreme and very personal vulgarity scrawled on one side of his neck.

Jurors will never see any of it. A judge has ruled that the state must pay a cosmetologist up to $150 a day during the 23-year-old Ditullio’s trial on murder and attempted murder charges and apply makeup to cover up the black ink.

Judge Michael Andrews, acting on a request by Ditullio’s lawyer, ruled that the tattoos are potentially offensive and could influence a jury in the death penalty case against Ditullio, who is accused of donning a gas mask, breaking into a neighbor’s home and stabbing two people, killing one of them.

Since his arrest in the 2006 crime in suburban Pasco County just north of Tampa, the self-described neo-Nazi has added tattoos to his body that are prominently displayed and not easily concealed. Ditullio doesn’t have the money to pay to have the tattoos covered up, said his public defender, Bjorn Brunvand, who worried a jury might be biased against his client on the basis of the tattoos alone.

Any tattoos Ditullio had before his arrest won’t be covered, such as a small cross under his right eye. Earlier this week, he wore a neatly pressed blue shirt and gray slacks but tattoos on his hands and wrists were still visible. …”

Written by modernityblog

14/12/2009 at 03:15

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  1. $150 a day? Get the man some gloves, a hood, and a lecture on how the right to remain silent extends to situations beyond being arrested in, both, a metaphoric and literal sense.

    History Punk

    17/12/2009 at 19:06

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