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The Legacy of Soviet Anti-Zionism.

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Older readers will remember how the used to preoccupy many in the West, either for it or against it.

Thirty to forty years ago most intelligent people had some opinion on the Soviet Union and it was the subject of much scrutiny from BBC correspondents and others exercising Kremlinology to Leftwing periodicals discussing Soviet “socialist” economics. Most aspects of Soviet society were analysed in one way shape or form, some of it in minute detail, not forgetting that the Russian Revolution itself was almost a Mastermind specialist topic for many politicos.

Yet in all of that one subject often went without discussion, or if it was mentioned there only in passing, the issue of Soviet anti-Zionism was almost a non-topic.

In the latter years of the Soviet Union there was discussion in the West about the persecution of Jews, but all rather limited and Soviet attitudes towards Jews was hardly ever comprehensively analysed.

So it was good to see that Colin Shindler has attempted to pull together the various intellectual and ideological strands as they relate to Jews, and how they played out with Soviet Realpolitik from the 1920s onwards.

The Jewish Chronicle has an article of his, How the Left turned on Israel.

I don’t think the provocative title does the article justice, but there’s plenty of history and facts in there and it is worth a read.

His lecture was discussed at Engage recently. There is a video too.


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