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Defining A Decade.

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Edward Stourton has made a rather interesting radio programme on the earlier decade and this episode covers 9/11 and its aftermath, well worth a listen.

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11/01/2010 at 04:28

Hamas And Friends Up the Ante.

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Jim over at the Daily (Maybe) points us to the recent Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, presumably with the implication that the bloodthirsty Israelis like nothing more than blindly firing missiles into Gaza.

From the news coverage, that would clearly not be the case.

Apparently numerous rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel, hoping to cause civilian casualties, as the JP reported last week:

”Since Thursday, 10 mortar shells and at least five rockets, including a Katyusha, have been fired into Israel, the most in such a short span since Operation Cast Lead ended last year.

On Saturday, three rockets hit open fields in the Sha’ar Hanegev region. No injuries or damage were reported. On Thursday night, for the first time since Cast Lead, a Katyusha rocket landed in an open field south of Ashkelon.

In response to the attack on Ashkelon, the IAF bombed a number of targets throughout the Gaza Strip, Palestinians said that three men were killed in a smuggling tunnel that was bombed along the Gaza-Egypt border.

The Kassam attacks on Saturday followed a Hamas announcement on Friday that it had managed to smuggle new types of weapons into Gaza despite the blockade.”

There you have it.

Rather than boast of how Hamas have helped Palestinians they would sooner boast about weapons. “Guns before people” should be the Hamas motto.

It is fairly clear that Hamas and its allies (along with others) would prefer the status quo, a sort of quasi conflict with Israel rather than any settlement, which would mean they would have to rule Gaza with a degree of legitimacy, competency and without military coercion.

Anyway, like Jim, I hope it doesn’t escalate for the sake of the Palestinians and Israelis, nothing is achieved by lobbing rockets into Israel, but I think the men with guns in Gaza know that.

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11/01/2010 at 03:56