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EDL In Stoke.

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The neofascists, knuckleheads and associated hooligans in the English Defence League are putting in another appearance, Lancaster Unity explains:

“There is a strong Stoke division of the EDL, based around Stoke City supporters, and unofficial Stoke City internet message boards are full of talk about their mobilisation in the city on 23 January.

The link between certain Stoke City supporters (the “Naughty Forties”) and the fascists has existed for a number of years, and has been documented in past issues of Searchlight. The BNP deny that they are in any way linked to the EDL, but in practice the local EDL supporters are also BNP supporters. For example, Shaun Grimsley, who recently stood for the BNP at a by-election in Cannock Chase, is also a self-confessed Nazi and an EDL activist.

There have been some tensions in the local BNP recently. Alby Walker, the leader of the BNP group on the City Council, recently resigned unexpectedly. Walker was seen as a “moderate” (in BNP terms), and is likely to be succeeded as leader by hardline Nazi Michael Coleman.”

Update 1: Edmund Standing has more on Far Right and BNP terrorists,

Update 2: I would remind potential posters to read my comments policy.

Update 3: Nick Lowles has a good post on the EDL and Searchlight is apparently covering them in the magazine as “English Defence League cracks begin to show”.

Update 4: A backgrounder on the EDL.

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15/01/2010 at 23:58

Extraditing Gary McKinnon.

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The Guardian covers a judge’s comments on the matter:

“The home secretary may have acted unlawfully by pursuing the extradition of the computer hacker Gary McKinnon, a high court judge said yesterday.

Extraditing McKinnon, an Asperger’s sufferer who is facing a lengthy prison sentence in the US for breaching US military and Nasa computers, raises “stark and simple issues”, Mr Justice Mitting said.

In a letter, the judge described medical evidence that McKinnon would be at high risk of suicide in an American jail as “as yet unchallenged and unqualified”.

That evidence may require the home secretary “to refuse to surrender [McKinnon] to the government of the USA” Mitting said, in a letter yesterday. “It is arguable that the [home secretary’s] decision was unlawful”, the letter added.

The decision is seen as a dramatic change from the approach of the high court in previous hearings on McKinnon.”

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An Illusion Of The Moment.

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David Hirsh is sharp as ever:

“The truth is it doesn’t require much courage at all to stand up and oppose Israeli human rights abuses. People do it all the time. Israelis do it all the time. It is the illusion of the moment, pushed by films such as Defamation, pushed by the self-promotion of the anti-Zionists that there are fearsome prices to be paid for supporting Palestinian liberation. Personally, I find it much more frightening to stand up for a democratic and genuinely liberational kind of criticism against the current British orthodoxy of casting Israel, and the Jews who support it, as uniquely and especially threatening.”

Shame, that CiF as so much anti-Jewish racism popping out of the comments boxes.

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15/01/2010 at 22:42