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Haiti And Bankers.

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The problems faced by the Haitians are almost indescribable.

Haiti hardly had a barely functioning government before the earthquake, terrible infrastructure, mass unemployment and poverty, and then to be hit by a monumental earthquake. What words are there to describe it?

I can’t, but Left Foot Forward has plenty of useful links and coverage.

However, it occurs to me that Haiti should be the recipient of a massive “Marshall plan”, all for its self.

To rebuild that country, not only from a political dimension, but the very roads and arteries of the nation, providing much-needed work and infrastructure. It would help if some countries with specialist knowledge of earthquake control and management could contribute their expertise, as it is certainly possible that another earthquake could take place in the foreseeable future and without special preparations any work that is done now could be lost.

But all that would require cash.

Plenty of money to rebuild the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

I have a suggestion, a Banker’s bonus Haitian tax, set at the 75% bracket.

In the West, many of these Bankers set to receive lucrative bonuses are already rich men (and a few women). They are doubtless in the top 5% of earners in any country. Making masses of money, for themselves on a yearly basis, throughout the good and bad years.

I am sure that many of them are humanitarians, but are probably too shy or fearful of peer pressure to admit that they don’t really need those massive bonuses, that are being shoved down their gob now.

So a Banker’s bonus Haitian tax will save them the embarrassment and generate billions and billions to rebuild Haiti, what a thoroughly worthwhile enterprise.

Update 1: It seems that others had the same idea.

Update 2: Over at NPR, Want To Make Use Of $47 Billion To Spare? Help Haiti. I think that must be the lower figure, as it probably excludes British and European Bankers, etc.

Update 3: There is a Facebook group on this very topic, Bankers Bonuses to Haiti.

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