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Florence And Precious Belong To Glasgow.

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Just got an update on Florence and Precious Mhangos, from Esther Sassaman on Facebook:

“First of all, the group has a new name – ‘Florence and Precious Belong to Glasgow’ – to reflect the fact that the Mhangos are not presently in detention but are still under the threat of detention and deportation, so the campaign continues.

We’re looking for your help to spread the word about Florence and Precious’ plight. They are currently back at home in Cranhill, but required to sign in at the Border Agency office in Glasgow each week, and their lawyer Paul Chen QC is building a case for judicial review of their claim to asylum. They still face detention and deportation.

We need more money for the legal fund and more political pressure on Home Secretary Alan Johnson MP – so if you haven’t already can you please donate to the campaign and write expressing your support for the Mhangos to Johnson? Information about this is on the info page of this facebook group.

Most importantly, please invite all your friends to this Facebook group so they can spread the word and raise the profile of this case.

We are also interested in knowing if any individuals would like to donate some of their time to fundraising and raising awareness of this case, and in attending a local meeting to coordinate efforts? If so, please get in touch via fb message and we will pass on details. We could also organise an online meeting for supporters who are a bit further away.

Finally, remember that Florence and Precious will be appearing alongside Cranhill campaigners on The Politics Show this coming Sunday, 12PM on BBC Scotland, on their special on child detention. Please tune in!

In solidarity,

Esther Sassaman”

Written by modernityblog

18/01/2010 at 21:32

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  2. leave this mother and her child in glasgow they are a credit and an asset to the area theresa mae must step in and stop this deportation now or suffer the outcome her resegnation

    kenneth watson

    08/07/2010 at 23:07

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