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“Never Have Married Into A German Family.”

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I never fully understood the British fascination with Princess Diana, but her comment that “she should never have married into a German family.” reminded me of what the old English aristocracy in Britain call the Royal Family, ‘The Germans’.

A fairly innocuous but typically sneering reproach so common amongst the upper English classes, nevertheless somewhat lacking in a sense of English history. Forgetting the role of the Saxons and the Angles in early Britain, long before the House of Hanover was even founded.

Thankfully this article doesn’t dwell too much on Diana or the Royals, but has some insights from Anthony Julius. It is better than it seems, once you get past Diana and Co:

“Most Anglo-Jews today infer the existence of English anti-Semitism from a bias they perceive in reporting on the Middle East. The bias dismays them; it is an intrusive presence in their lives; they take it to derive from a hostility to the Jewish state of Israel; they relate this hostility to a broader animus towards Jews.

Yet they would not maintain that the hostility they sense, however demoralising, is directed at them. They would probably regard as exceptional, for example, a newspaper columnist’s statement, a few years ago, that he ignores letters about Israel written by correspondents with Jewish names. The animus is instead an ambience. And this is consistent with a more general sense of how English anti-Semitism operates — by stealth, by tacit understandings and limited exclusions.

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01/02/2010 at 00:21

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