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Attack on Crete’s Only Surviving Synagogue.

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I must say a hearty thanks to one of my readers, Stepan, who provided a link to the Manchester Evening News and an update on that awful attack on a synagogue in Crete.

Manchester Evening News reports:

“A ROYTON man is one of two from Greater Manchester arrested in connection with arson attacks on a medieval synagogue in Crete.

Craig Forsyth, aged 23 and Ricky Bryan, 33, who is believed to be from Manchester, were held last week after the historic Etz Hayyim – Crete’s only surviving synagogue – was targeted twice this month.

The attacks, which destroyed thousands of rare books, manuscripts and heirlooms, caused outrage around the world.

A 24-year-old Greek man and a US national were also arrested and quizzed over the incidents, which took place in the coastal town of Hania.

Another American is still being sought, according to local police.

The first fire happened on January 5, but it was the second attack on January 16 which caused extensive damage to artwork and the interior of the building.

The Etz Hayyim synagogue, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is the only surviving Jewish monument on the island of Crete.

It was restored in the late 1990s and is regarded as a tourist attraction.”

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03/02/2010 at 15:18

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  1. While some say the two British men are nightclub waiters, other local papers here in Crete have stated that they are foreign language teachers, while yet others claim them to be employed at the NATO Naval Base in Souda Bay (near Chania). It’s at the latter where they would have made the acquaintance of the Greek man who is said to be a supplier of goods to the base. In the same local papers, the two American citizens are reported to be military stationed at the US Naval Support Activity Souda Bay.


    04/02/2010 at 08:12

  2. when you have a reputable source please send it to me.


    04/02/2010 at 15:04

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