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Labour Video Of The Year.

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Fancy yourself as another François Truffaut, Guy Richie or even Steven Spielberg (without the big budget)?

Then this is your chance, LabourStart is sponsoring a Labour Video of the Year competition, according to the site:

“open to trade unionists and film-makers from around the world.

Videos submitted must be on the web, and less than 10 minutes long. They must focus primarily on work, workers or worker’s issues.

You do not have to be the owner or producer of a video to nominate it.

Please submit your nominations before midnight GMT on 15 February 2010.

Our international panel of judges will prepare a shortlist, with voting expected to take place in March 2010.

Winners will be announced after two weeks of online voting and winning films will screened at the LabourStart conference in July 2010.

There will be prizes for the winning videos, to be announced soon.”

Written by modernityblog

03/02/2010 at 17:28

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