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Racism in Italy.

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I was just pointed towards this post, well worth a read, Roma is not just a city in Italy, it is an ethnicity:

“As for the persecution of the Roma people, the situation of Italy is emblematic: out of about 6,500 Romanian Roma present on Italian soil, over 3,000 of them are detained in prison. It is an astonishing figure and points to deep-rooted and ruthless discrimination. Over recent years EveryOne Group has prevented the unjust imprisonment of dozens of Roma citizens by simply contacting the lawyers and magistrates and supplying elements for their defence, something the Roma (used to a different kind of justice) fail to supply.”

The Everyone group is here.

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09/02/2010 at 21:31

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  1. […] is not new, as I pointed out before, but the actions in France have allowed xenophobia into the open and the Jobbik fully […]

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