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UKIP’s Allies Too Extreme For Own MEP.

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Well, this is a turn up for the books, a UKIP MEP has objected to her our own party’s allies in the European Parliament saying they are too extreme, the BBC reports:

“A Euro MP has been expelled from the UK Independence Party after refusing to be part of a multi-national group it has joined in the European Parliament.

Nikki Sinclaire had said some UKIP’s allies in Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) had “extreme views”.
The West Midlands Euro MP has refused to sit with her own party members in European Parliament meetings for weeks.
UKIP said her plans to stand also as a candidate for the party in the general election may not go ahead.

The EFD group was formed in Strasbourg after last summer’s euro-elections, made up of 32 right-wing MEPs from nine national political parties. Ms Sinclaire announced her refusal to continue in the bloc on her website, attacking a “variety of extremist views” of other EFD members, including “anti-Semitism, violence and the espousal of a single European policy on immigration”.

All a bit strange, Nosemonkey’s EUtopia wrote about the EPD last year and it is still a funny read.

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