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Meretz UK

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Meretz UK is organising a number of talks and one of them is particularly topical:

“Sunday, 21 March – 19.30 Hagai van der Horst: Looking into anti-Jewish and anti-Arab racisms in The Guardian and The Independent.

According to Hagai van der Horst anti-Jewish and anti-Arab racisms exists in some of Britain’s finest liberal newspapers. Furthermore, these two racisms, evident in The Guardian and in The Independent, can be viewed as in polar opposition to one another:

1. Hatred towards ‘the Jew’ is often portrayed as the religious and all powerful internal enemy.
2. Hatred towards ‘the Arab’ is often portrayed as the political and weak external enemy.

Recent press coverage will be shown to demonstrate this, including amongst other things, footage about the Peace Talks, the 2006 Israel – Lebanon war, the Palestinian Authority elections, and reports on the Holocaust and the Naqba. A must see informative talk, for anyone interested in the Middle East and the British Liberal tradition. Don’t miss it! Hagai van der Horst is currently completing his PhD research at SOAS (University of London).”

Here’s more.

I do hope that Meretz UK will record the event, either as an MP3 or a video clip.

(H/T: Bob from Brockley)

4 Responses

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  1. Modernity, this is off-topic I know, but I would like to see you blog about this story; the government quango dragging a political party into court a few weeks before an election in order to force it to admit people hostile to its reason to exist; effectively to destroy the party and prevent it contesting the election.

    Now this may be an intra-socialist quarrel, but for Labour to do this — and who can doubt such a move must have government backing — means that they are trying to win the election through the courts, not at the ballot box. That renders democracy non-existent. What point in voting, if we can only vote for pre-approved candidates?

    Do we want to wait until expressing support for Israel is also illegal to put to the electorate? Never mind what the BNP is — this is election tampering of the sort we see in the third-world.

    What worries me is the silence. Are we all afraid already?

    Roger Pearse

    09/03/2010 at 21:46

  2. Roger,

    here’s the deal, I don’t tell you what to blog on and I prefer not to be told what topics I should cover and how.

    If you wish to blog on this, far away.

    Please bear in mind, I hold the BNP in utmost contempt, I am not interested in those that seek to make excuses for them, etc etc

    So please do go and blog on them, if you want, I’ll blog on what I wish


    09/03/2010 at 22:06

  3. Why are you so bad-tempered MB?


    10/03/2010 at 17:14

  4. Cos I am human.

    Also I don’t try to tell *other* people what to do, so I get a bit annoyed when people like Roger try it on.

    Is that OK with you, P?


    10/03/2010 at 21:37

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