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I was astonished and slightly depressed that the Palestinian Authority would seek to glorify Dalal Mughrabi.

In my naivete, I did not realise how she had been glorified, as Wiki states:

“The Palestinian Authority named a Hebron girls’ school in honor of Mughrabi. Her name has also been given to summer camps and both police and military courses.[5]

A girls high school in Gaza is named after her.[6]

According to an article in the Gulf News in July 2008, “Dalal is still seen by Palestinians and Arabs as a heroine and an outstanding fighter. She inspired thousands of young Palestinian and Lebanese women to follow in her footsteps, such as Sana Muhaidaly, Yvonne Abboud, Wafa Edris, Ayat Al Akhras and Hanadi Jaradat among others. ” [7]”

Older readers will remember that she and others landed on a beach killed an American photographer and then hijacked a bus full of families on the coastal road near Tel Aviv, very far from the West Bank and Gaza.

Subsequently, Dalal Mughrabi and her group killed some 38 Israeli citizens including 13 children.

Nothing to glorify there.

Written by modernityblog

15/03/2010 at 14:20

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  1. Just wait until UK councils start renaming office blocks after her.

    The question is how to resist this sort of evil nonsense.

    Roger Pearse

    15/03/2010 at 14:31

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