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A Good Film Review.

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Over at Socialist Unity they have re-posted a long, informative and critical review of Zeitgeist: The Movie, from the Third Estate blog.

I think it makes a very useful contribution to the debate on anti-Jewish racism, how conspiracy theories, paranoia and the use of euphemisms are all part and parcel of those racist endeavours.

I suspect from reading the comments box at SU blog that this is the first time someone has explained the connections, but it is a start, even if a few of the posters still have fixations about “Zionists”.

The conclusion explains it well:

“It is important to understand that the type of critique of society offered by the Zeitgeist movement cannot be separated from the Jewish conspiracy theory. One cannot take classic anti-Semitic texts, replace the word “Jew” with “international bankers”, or “international finance capital” and then believe that your theory is no longer anti-Semitic. Of course there are very good arguments that capitalism and indeed imperialism are extremely dangerous. There are very good arguments from a left or liberal perspective to say that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should never have been fought. And it is here that we must recognise that ends do not justify means. We cannot afford to support any cause that is simply anti-capitalist, or any cause that is simply anti-war, otherwise we run the risk of getting into bed with fascists. Rather, our positions on capitalism and of war must arise from thoroughgoing critique, rather than a rehashing and rebranding of old anti-Semitic narratives.

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21/03/2010 at 14:55