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Netanyahu And Gaza.

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When I think of the Netanyahu government, I think of missed opportunities and of his previous term in office which resulted in less than nothing happening.

Netanyahu has always struck me as a rather incomplete politician, seemingly smooth on the surface, but riddled with indecision, political incompetence and the need to seem like a strongman.

I suppose that better explains the recent incursions into Gaza, because I can’t think of any meaningful reason why they should occur.

Firstly, they don’t stop the missiles.

Secondly, they normally lead to wasted deaths, Palestinian civilians, Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

Thirdly, they only achieve the goal of stirring the pot, nothing more, except possibly providing Hamas with more opportunities to fire missiles at Israeli civilians.

Fourthly, Hamas loved these nonsensical incursions as they provide plenty of propaganda and bolster support for Hamas, but don’t do much more.

All in all negative and unproductive, which seems to me to sum up Netanyahu’s achievements.

Snoopy has more on Bibi.

Written by modernityblog

27/03/2010 at 03:24

15 Responses

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  1. Yes, just let the Palestinians plant bombs freely. It is the only industry they seem capable of.

    Fabian from Israel

    27/03/2010 at 08:20

  2. Anybody who has ever at least played a RTS (I am not demanding actual war) knows that you don’t leave your enemy free to fortify their base and expand.

    Palestinians appear from holes inside Israeli territory and bomb our border. Lets bomb theirs first.

    Fabian from Israel

    27/03/2010 at 08:23

  3. I would be the last person to defend Bibi, but in respect of these incursions, the key phrase from that article would be:

    “According to an Israeli military spokesman, soldiers had earlier crossed over the border in the south of the Gaza strip after spotting militants planting a mine close to the fence.”

    This is the regular way Hamas provokes the incursions, and nothing changed when Bibi got the job.


    27/03/2010 at 10:35

  4. I agree with the points made. But what is the alternative?

    Other than ethnic cleansing, which is what old Assad would have done.

    Roger Pearse

    27/03/2010 at 13:14

  5. No, Fabian, we’re not talking about ordinary Palestinians, who like ordinary Israelis would like probably just to get on with their lives in peace.

    We’re talking about Hamas, deliberately provoking Israel and in their stupidity the Netanyahu government walks straight into an ambush.

    My point which I keep reiterating, is that incursions into Gaza actually achieve nothing politically, less than nothing.

    Incursions by Israel into Gaza actually help Hamas, can’t you see that?


    27/03/2010 at 13:59

  6. on the advice of my dentist, I don’t think about Netanyahu AT ALL… if he’s PM much longer, I wont have any teeth left.

    David K.

    27/03/2010 at 23:10

  7. “Incursions by Israel into Gaza actually help Hamas, can’t you see that?”

    Not if they lose big. And I hope they do.

    Fabian from Israel

    28/03/2010 at 16:38

  8. Fabian,

    No, you are wrong.

    Even accepting your frame of reference (which I don’t), it doesn’t work.

    Hamas would gladly sacrifice 10,000 Palestinians in this type of ambush.

    Hamas would gladly sacrifice 100s of its fighters in this type of ambush.

    Hamas has to keep the low-level conflict going, because to do otherwise would mean they would have to administrate and run Gaza like a proper government or administration, which they can’t do.

    So it benefits them to keep the conflict going, thus providing them with a public relations victory.

    Fabian, even if, using your words they lose big time, it wouldn’t matter to them, they just need the conflict to keep going, on and on, to justify their existence.

    So aiding them in that purpose is silly and ultimately counterproductive from an Israeli point of view.


    28/03/2010 at 21:06

  9. MB, I think you’re on the money, they achieve nothing.

    Unless, of course, we assume that Netanyahu actually wants to stir the pot, keep Hamas in business, thereby delaying the need for peace talks. That seems to fit with his previous achievements, viz. destroying the Oslo Accords.

    It’s just a shame because he’s not acting in the interests of the people who actually matter here: ordinary Israelis and Palestinians who want to get on with their lives.


    29/03/2010 at 10:43

  10. “Unless, of course, we assume that Netanyahu…”

    Assuming the worst of people? tut tut

    Why explain away with malice that which is obviously derived from stupidity?

    I very much doubt that Netanyahu (do I detest) would want to keep Hamas in business, rather he’s not a terribly flexible politician and may see the situation in rather rigid terms, that is common in politics and life, we all do it, just depends on the circumstances.

    My broader point was that in politics when you do something it is normally for a conceivable goal, an objective and if you do things which don’t have a tangible achievement then that is stupid.


    29/03/2010 at 12:00

  11. Absolutely, but Netanyahu’s career has been built on obstructing the peace process. So it seems likely that that’s what he would keep doing. And one way to stop the peace process is to bring everyone’s favourite bogeyman to the fore again. Before this, Hamas were in danger of losing control of Gaza to other (even more extreme) elements. Now they are strengthened.

    It could be that Netanyahu is just making an error. He thinks that he has a good chance of beating Hamas this time, he thinks that he’s making Israelis safer. Somone needs to tell him he’s not (as you recommend). The other explanation is that he’s again trying to obstruct the peace process. He has resisted and resisted the idea of a Palestinian state, he’s reliant on uncompromising elements within his government and he doesn’t believe in land for peace.

    I think the latter explanation is more likely. But I could be wrong.


    29/03/2010 at 13:45

  12. There is a wonderful attribute that people have in politics.

    They invariably know what other people’s motivations are and what they intend, even before the people themselves know it.

    Not unsurprisingly, those judgements are often more wrong than right.

    Not everyone** is a Machiavellian, sometimes they are simply foolish politicians.

    However, that clearly doesn’t apply to Peter Mandelson 🙂


    29/03/2010 at 14:03

  13. They could, of course, be both…


    29/03/2010 at 15:35

  14. Incidentally, I had such high hopes that we were going to agree on an issue at last. I posted here so that you would stop thinking I was a … can’t quite remember what you said actually, but I’m sure it wasn’t nice.

    I resign myself to waiting.


    29/03/2010 at 15:50

  15. […] Readers will remember I am no fan of Netanyahu or his racist […]

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