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Roll Around The Blogs.

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Enough of me, me and me. What are other people writing about? Here’s a quick round up:

Jim on the Orwell Prize.

Kirklees Unity on the EDL and the BNP’s drinkers club.

Bob points us to another, Bob Black and some sharp words on Chomsky.

Richard Wilson on Trafigura’s rear guard action and the UK Court system.

John Gray on remembering the awful Tories.

Engage on John Pilger and the New Statesman.

Left Foot Forward on the BBC’s capitulation and Murdoch, on the BNP barrister, Climate sceptic exhibition and Big Oil and disabled wrongly denied benefit.

Seismic shock and gorgeous George’s hypocrisy.

Terry Gavin and who’s barred from Canada? Terry has some kind words for the Gorgeous one.

Phil on the New Party and what happened in Bolton.

Racism Review on the US census.

Right Wing Watch’s round up.

Over at the Hate Watch blog they eyeball Nativist Extremism and Tea Party activists.

Finally, the CST on the oh-so-powerful Lobby, I liked the final paragraph:

“Finally, anybody contemplating why the theme of Jewish power is so embedded in antisemitism could do worse than read the web address on the T-shirts worn by these protestors – photographed outside the 2010 AIPAC conference. “

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A Tory, One Respect Activist Comments

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Alex Hilton, Dave Osler and John Gray were sued for libelled by a Tory activist, Johanna Kaschke.

She attacked three bloggers for making legitimate comments, and these cases have gone to the High Court.

They are still progressing but Ms. Kaschke has seen fit to comment on an old thread at John Gray’s, which reminds me of my previous post on the topic, One Cherry Short Of A, Support Dave Osler, Part 2 and Support Dave Olser.

Not forgetting Libelled By A Tory.

Here’s Dave Osler’s Kaschke libel update.

Update 1: Whilst I remember here’s Ms. Kaschke’s YouTube channel and very funny it is too.

Update 2: Hangbitch’s old post on these silly libels.

Update 3: Not forgetting Ms. Kaschke’s two blogs, the blogger one and at Woprdpress where she discusses the cases, which is strange as I thought that was ill advised? Who knows?

Update 4: Readers will notice that having gone from being a one-time radical member of Respect that now Ms. Kaschke extols the virtue of private medicine over the NHS and isn’t too keen on workers at British Airways being able to strike. No surprise there.

Update 5: Ms. Kaschke’s entertainment value only increases with her post on The Freemasons and mathematical concepts, if you can read it and not laugh I will be very surprised.

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Neo-Nazis And The Guardian.

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It is often very hard to distinguish the real thinking behind remarks left at Comment is Free.

Some are obviously offensive, others are openly racist and many others are borderline, full of euphemisms, twisted reasoning and questionable assumptions. Plus the fact that many of the most extreme racists have learn to hide their views under a mountain of verbiage or post-modernist twaddle.

So articles like that of Efraim Zuroff’s No time limit for Nazi convictions are most welcome, not only for their content but as they serve a secondary purpose of highlighting those with sympathies for the Extreme Right.

I will leave readers to analyse the full content of the thread, some 159 comments and see how even on this topic certain Far Right posters on Comments is Free can’t resist making snide remarks about Jews or Israel.

I am sure readers will notice that those on the thread so sympathetic to Heinrich Boere are often equally bitter against Israel and Jews, which is hardly a coincidence, is it ?

Not that the Guardian would like it if a fair few of its on-line posters were thought of as neo-Nazis or their sympathisers?