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A Tory, One Respect Activist Comments

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Alex Hilton, Dave Osler and John Gray were sued for libelled by a Tory activist, Johanna Kaschke.

She attacked three bloggers for making legitimate comments, and these cases have gone to the High Court.

They are still progressing but Ms. Kaschke has seen fit to comment on an old thread at John Gray’s, which reminds me of my previous post on the topic, One Cherry Short Of A, Support Dave Osler, Part 2 and Support Dave Olser.

Not forgetting Libelled By A Tory.

Here’s Dave Osler’s Kaschke libel update.

Update 1: Whilst I remember here’s Ms. Kaschke’s YouTube channel and very funny it is too.

Update 2: Hangbitch’s old post on these silly libels.

Update 3: Not forgetting Ms. Kaschke’s two blogs, the blogger one and at Woprdpress where she discusses the cases, which is strange as I thought that was ill advised? Who knows?

Update 4: Readers will notice that having gone from being a one-time radical member of Respect that now Ms. Kaschke extols the virtue of private medicine over the NHS and isn’t too keen on workers at British Airways being able to strike. No surprise there.

Update 5: Ms. Kaschke’s entertainment value only increases with her post on The Freemasons and mathematical concepts, if you can read it and not laugh I will be very surprised.

Written by modernityblog

28/03/2010 at 21:53

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  1. I think I approve of the action, but only for one reason, and that only — that members of the political Left are getting some of what they hand out to others. Who else is as keen on politically motivated court cases? Who else as keen on censorship, lawfare, and silencing freedom of speech for everyone but themselves? The victims of this action may learn from this experience how evil it is to abuse the courts to silence your enemies. If so, it will be a valuable lesson. If, on the other hand, they learn that the Left is above the law, the lesson will be an evil one.

    Without knowing the nature of the alleged libel, it is hard to comment on the case.

    But otherwise, all this merely highlights the need for legal reform. Why do we have candidates campaigning, not among the electorate, but in law courts? We urgently need a reform on the law of libel. And we need a statutory right of free speech along US lines.

    Taking that a little further, we ought to ask, tho; what would a *sensible* law of libel look like? I’m not sure myself.

    On the one hand, I really don’t see that we need a law whereby greedy law firms make huge fees advising the likes of Robert Maxwell how to silence his critics.

    On the other hand, your post itself seems to concentrate on personalities rather than issues. If someone runs a smear campaign against a poor man, from which the man suffers measurable financial loss, loses his job, etc, is it right that he should have no redress?

    But again… can a poor but honest man hope to go to court anyway? What need for a legal right to sue, when he couldn’t afford to do so?

    I don’t know what the answer is, but it does seem clear that reform is needed.

    Mind you, if you read the diaries of Auberon Waugh, we live in comparatively blessed times. In the 70’s Harold Wilson used the libel law routinely to silence the press and intimidate them from saying anything negative about him. That does not happen today.

    Roger Pearse

    29/03/2010 at 22:31

  2. Hang on Roger, so you’re in favour of libel laws if Tories use them against Lefties?

    Is that what you are saying? Please do clarify.


    29/03/2010 at 22:47

  3. I thought I had! I’m opposed to libel laws. But I think this one case might do some real good, purely and only because those on the receiving end are of the political side which is generally most inclined to use the courts to silence its opponents. The experience of having it up them might encourage them to be more in favour of free speech.

    Roger Pearse

    30/03/2010 at 15:36

  4. Roger,

    So you’re in favour of selective free-speech, because to believe that Tories have the right to use libel laws to shut down legitimate criticism is selective.

    Doesn’t tally very well with your supposed beliefs, eh?

    If you believe in political spite, one rule for the people agree with you and another of those who you dislike (lefties), then you aren’t really an advocate of freedom of speech, or at least a true one.

    I am glad that we clarified that issue.


    30/03/2010 at 16:00

  5. Please don’t attribute to me things which I don’t believe in, and have expressly disclaimed.

    You need to work on your reading skills, Modernity.

    Roger Pearse

    01/04/2010 at 13:05

  6. You’ve just said it.

    “But I think this one case might do some real good,”

    You can’t be really opposed to libel laws but like them when they are used against what you perceive as your political opponents, that is an inconsistent position, intellectually speaking.


    01/04/2010 at 13:40

  7. This is not Tories against Labour, its only that it were Labour members who posted the smears. If it were other ordinary citizens I would still do the same and if they were right-wingers I would also do the same. Do not make this a Tory / Labour confrontation, it has to do with my personal life, nothing to do with party membership, well it has to do with party-membership for my opponents. I have a right to my good name, regardless which party I belong to. Any rulings and judgements so far were neutral and had nothing to do with politics at all. I am sincerely stressing this to the court that this action has nothing to do with the political beliefs of the defendants. Strange though that no other political persons have made equally nasty comments about me, don’t you agree? Neither any Liberals, Tories or other political persons were interested in smearing me, it were only Labour Party members, you can’t blame me for that.
    I would never want to silence their right to their political views as crazy as they are, they have a right to have them. Their defamation of my person has nothing to do with political views; they are trying to destroy me as a person because I changed my political views, so they are trying to repress me, not the other way around.

    Johanna Kaschke

    03/04/2010 at 13:38

  8. I will choose to see it as I please, if you don’t mind.

    Ms. Kaschke, you are a member of the Tory party. You make it very clear that you are a Tory. Your blogs and web site are plastered with your admiration of Tory policies. etc etc

    I hope that is sufficient to explain the title of the post?


    03/04/2010 at 14:46

  9. Every person has a right to their good name, some poor people get rich one day, some rich people become poor, but a good name is something everyone is entitled to and I think money or no money each and every person must have the right to get their good name protected and they have that right under Human Rights law and in theory in English law but to get it costs a lot of money, if only in materials to make bundles and copying.
    We must not put the poor on the scrap heap and say just because they are poor now we can trample on their good name as well because they are poor anyhow. Tories would never think that way, we give fair chances to all.

    Johanna Kaschke

    03/04/2010 at 15:07

  10. Ms. Kaschke,

    Do yourself a favour, without you taking out libel writs, no one would have heard of this.

    Your reputation would not have been damaged, because no one would know about it and it would not have invoked the Barbra Streisand affect.

    These are choices that you’ve made, and as a Conservative you will have to live with them.

    As for the Tories, should they get in, they will screw anyone that is powerless, they will attack the weak and reward their rich friends.

    That’s the party that you belong to.

    Please don’t come here assuming that as a Tory you will get a free ride.

    I positively loath the Tories and all that they stand for.

    So don’t get me started!


    03/04/2010 at 15:15

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