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Nearly A Palace Coup?

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The story of confusion amongst the BNP leadership after an apparent abortive coup d’etat by Mark Collett must bring a smile to the face of any antifascist, what a laugh.

The Independent reports:

“The British National Party has been thrown into pre-election chaos after a senior party official was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill its leader, Nick Griffin.

Mark Collett, its publicity director, has also been accused by party chiefs of attempting to launch a “palace coup” against Mr Griffin.

The far-right party’s senior members will hold an emergency meeting tonight at a secret location in the Midlands to discuss the crisis and Mr Griffin’s leadership. He has faced criticism from within the party following his showing on the BBC’s Question Time.

The bitter infighting has blown up as the BNP prepares its biggest ever general election drive, focusing on Mr Griffin’s candidacy in the east London constituency of Barking.

The supposed plot was revealed in a leaked BNP internal document disclosing that Mr Collett had been “relieved of all positions within the party with immediate effect”.

Mr Griffin had gone to the police after “serious allegations” came to light affecting the “personal safety” of the BNP leader and James Dowson, its senior fundraiser, the memo said.”

What a marvellous turn of events with the up-and-coming General Election, we can only hope that this does serious damage to the BNP.

Update 1: The Mirror covers it too:

“Bnp propaganda printer Mark Collett – twice exposed in TV documentaries as a racist who admired Hitler – was publicly dumped after he was named as the chief conspirator.

The party’s crucial national election organiser Eddy Butler was also sacked from his paid role and staff manager Emma Colgate has quit.

The turmoil, less than five weeks before polling day, is a huge blow to Griffin’s hope of winning the Westminster seat of Dagenham, currently held by Labour’s Margaret Hodge.

Griffin was already under pressure after his disastrous Question Time appearance last year and damaging allegations that he had cashed in on the European Union expenses “gravy train” since becoming a Euro-MP.”

Update 2: Over at HOPE not hate news:

“Collett stood trial alongside Griffin in 2006 on race hate charges. Both were acquitted. Although Griffin always stood by him, he knew Collett was a fool. “I constantly have to lecture Mark Collett about all sorts of things,” Griffin said at the time. “He is a pig ignorant man. Often it goes in one ear and straight out of the other.”

A few years ago Collett starred in a Channel 4 documentary called Young, Nazi and Proud, in which he said he would prefer to live in 1930s Nazi Germany than in today’s Britain. He also attacked Winston Churchill and the British Royal Family.”

Update 3: Not forgetting the Real BNP.

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