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Child Slave Labour And Chocolate

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A recent Panorama programme showed that the problem of child slave labour is still very much with us, and that the chocolate eaten by people in Britain might have also played a part:

“In an investigation into the supply chain that delivers much of the chocolate sold in the UK – more than half a million tonnes a year – the BBC found evidence of human trafficking and child slave labour.

Panorama also found that there is no guarantee, despite safeguards, even with chocolate marketed as Fairtrade, that child labour – as defined by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) – has not been involved in the supply chain.

Together, Ghana and Ivory Coast produce 60% of the world’s cocoa. More than 10m people survive off the industry.
In a village in Ghana, Kenyon met 12-year-old Ouare Fatao Kwakou, who was sold to traffickers by his uncle and taken from neighbouring and impoverished Burkina Faso to work as a cocoa picker.

More than a year later, he had not been paid a penny for his work – the profits of his labour going instead to his new cocoa masters and to the uncle who sold him.

In the port city of San Pedro in Ivory Coast, Kenyon posed as a trader and sold on cocoa beans which had been produced by the worst forms of child labour.

It is at this point where the traceability of the cocoa ends and it can be sold on to major chocolate makers worldwide who cannot say how it was sourced.”

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Psychotic Neo-Nazis Retract.

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The flotsam and jetsam that run the AWB are a peculiar bunch. You only need to see the emblem of the AWB to realise where their thinking comes from.

In the wake of the death of Eugene TerreBlanche they promised a race war and revenge for his killing.

But who would they seek revenge from? And how would they start a race war?

The penny seems to have dropped with these Neanderthal Boer neo-Nazis that in any race war they would lose, as they are a very small minority of a very small minority.

According to the New York Times, at their peak in 1988 they had an estimated support of 5-7% of the white population in South Africa, it has gone down a lot since then, thankfully.

If the AWB leaders weren’t so idiotic and mentally decrepit in the first place then they wouldn’t have had to retract their initial violent statements. But these entrenched white supremacists and neo-Nazis live in the past, and haven’t accepted the new South Africa. Here is their feeble retraction:

“In the heat of the moment yesterday certain statements were made and I would like to retract those statements,” he said.

“It is the philosophy of the AWB that no member will engage in any form of violence or intimidation or racial slandering or anything of that matter.”

Ha ha ha! What a pile of thick neo-Nazi comedians, the whole basis of their movement was violence.

Update 1: Nor should we forget the activities of that bellicose would-be Führer, TerreBlanche.

In 1996 he attempted to murder a security guard and assaulted a petrol station worker, as wiki summarises:

“On June 17, 2001, Terre’Blanche was sentenced to six years in prison, of which he served three years, for assaulting a petrol station worker and the attempted murder of a security guard in 1996.

Paul Motshabi [his victim] was permanently disabled when he was beaten up by Terre’Blanche in 1996. He was crippled and intellectually impaired by brain damage sustained in the attack, and his wife left him. “

In a travesty of justice TerreBlanche served only three years for that attempted murder.

Update 2: The BBC reports that Terre’Blanche may have used a lead pipe to beat Mr. Motshabi around the head.

Update 3: We shouldn’t forget that the neo-Nazis in the AWB were responsible for a bombings spree in 1994 which killed some 21 people, and afterwards they had the cheek to seek an amnesty for their premeditated killings.

Update 4: According to the South African Press Association TerreBlanche knew about the proposed bombings, but did nothing to stop them.

Update 5: As the Independent reported in 1994 the AWB’s involvement went all away to the top of the organisation:

“Three senior members of the AWB were among 33 right-wing extremists who appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court yesterday facing charges including 19 counts of murder, 191 counts of attempted murder, vehicle theft, malicious damage to property and breaking the Arms and Ammunition and Explosives Acts.

The AWB chief-of-staff, Josias Alexander van Cruywagen, the commander of Mr Terreblanche’s secretive Ystergaarde (Iron Guard) unit, Leon van der Merwe, and the organisation’s executive secretary, Nico Prinsloo, were among the accused.”

Which makes a mockery of their recent statements on the use of violence.

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