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French Bigot In London.

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A French bigot will be in London on 10 April 2010 at the Millennium Conference Centre in South Kensington.

A bigot who was prosecuted for his outspoken racism.

A bigot who is happy to espouse racism on a daily basis.

Readers could naturally be forgiven for assuming that the soon-to-be geriatric Jean-marie Le Pen is coming to London, but no.

In fact, one of his friends is, Dieudonné.

Dieudonné is a long term friend of the neo-fascist Le Pen and shares many of his views, particularly his loathing of Jews.

Dieudonné is never shy nor subtle as the JC relates:

“Mr Dieudonné was fined earlier this year for an antisemitic stunt during his stand-up show where he invited convicted Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson to receive an award from an actor dressed as a concentration camp victim.

He was previously fined €5,000 in November 2007 for comparing Jews to “slave-traders”. Two months previously, he called Holocaust Memorial Day “memorial pornography”.

He said: “For them, if a child at school is called a ‘dirty Jew,’ they are up in arms. To me, Zionism is the AIDS of Judaism. The Zionists have claimed a monopoly on suffering.”

Mr Dieudonné has also used the murder of Ilan Halimi as material for comedy in his one-man show.

After Mr Halimi was murdered, Julien Dray, the spokesperson of the Socialist Party, who is Jewish, said: “There is an antisemitism embedded in French society, and there are certain people who are symbolic of this.

“I will say it clearly. There is a Dieudonné effect.””

If you want to see more of his racism see this Google translation.

Update 1: He might not be coming after all according to the JC. I am not so sure, racist cranks like Dieudonné thrive on publicity I bet he’ll be back.

Update 2: Seismic Shock covers this issue with notable style.

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