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Return Of The Death Penalty.

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What people do when they have power tells you a lot about them.

Do they tried to do good? Do they prioritise social spending? Take an interest in education? Or does the cult of the gun rule?

I think the answer is fairly clear when it comes to the rulers of Gaza, Hamas.

Their preferences and attitudes have been shown in the last couple of years, no more so than their reintroduction of the death penalty.

Apparently, according to the BBC, Hamas are exercising their monopoly on state inflicted murder:

“He did not say how the men were executed but, according to the AFP news agency, Samir Zakut of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Misan said they executed by firing squad before dawn.

An employee at Shifa hospital was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that the bodies of the two men, dropped off by armed men in the early hours, were riddled with bullets. “

The UN were bold enough to criticise Hamas’s actions, but I doubt Hamas will give a fig one way or the other:

“”It is extremely disappointing that Hamas has now returned to the use of the death penalty,” Ms Pillay in a statement.

“I call on Hamas to reconsider its position and exhibit respect for the international community’s firm rejection of the death penalty, to abolish its use in Gaza, and to fully uphold and promote the right to life,” she urged.

Ms Pillay added that the death penalty can be imposed only after fair trials in duly constituted courts, she said, was “practically impossible in current circumstances in Gaza”. “

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