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Linux TV And Bits.

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After you’ve install Linux there’s a bit to do to make it nicer, I haven’t tried it but this looks promising.

A few years from now TVs with Internet connections will be all the rage, but will your TV run Linux?

The Digital stitch-up.

The TonidoPlug and its contemporaries look very nice.

Google pushes its updated on-line apps.

Switch to Linux, are you ready?

Got an Iphone ? Careful when you unlock it.

Apple censorship.

Wine development release 1.1.43 is out, the pace of change is amazing.

MEPIS 8.5 reviewed and not forgetting that Antix 8.5 is just out.

Beta me down with a fox, Firefox 3.6.4 Beta is out.

I never knew that OpenOffice had an export to PDF function, but here it is.

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18/04/2010 at 13:59

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