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Get Bob Bailey.

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Flesh is Grass has a marvellous post on a BNP thug, dressed up as a political candidate, Bob Bailey.

Watch the video and make up your own mind, but I’d say Bailey is guilty of criminal assault, at the very least.

However, I doubt that the Police are competent enough to prosecute him for his thuggery, despite the evidence.

I think the Asian lads should be congratulated for trying to make a citizens arrest on that BNP thug!

Update 1: More on Bailey, Lancaster Unity covered his cranky antics last year:

“he hypocrisy of the British National Party is legendary, as is the blatant insanity of many of its more prominent members, though we’re finding it difficult to decide if Bob Bailey, the party’s London organiser, is hypocritical, insane or just plain stupid. Or possibly a combination of the three.

Bailey was in the news a couple of days ago, referring to the BNP’s candidate in the Waddon by-election next week and trying to boost her chances by taking the ‘insanity’ approach to politics. That is, to talk bollocks loudly enough to drown out the stupidity of what you’re actually saying.

Bob Bailey is a curious and unstable character. It was he who berated a vicar who dared to have 2,000 anti-BNP leaflets printed and delivered ahead of a local by-election, claiming that the clergyman was a fascist for getting involved with politics. He also had a go at a Labour councillor who dared to take issue with him at a Barking and Dagenham council meeting, calling him a Nazi, presumably for being so disagreeable.

Bailey also had a well-publicised go at the principal of Barking College Ted Parker, just hours before the college held a Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) event at its Dagenham Road, Dagenham campus, ordering him to stop hosting such events or there would be ‘problems’ from BNP members.

Even more publicised was his foul-mouthed telephone tirade against the Barking and Dagenham Recorder news editor Sally Lowe, who he again branded a Nazi after seeing the Recorder’s coverage of the London Assembly elections. After slamming the phone down, Bailey turned up outside the Recorder’s offices with a group of BNP members, shouting garbled messages through a megaphone until they were moved on by the police.”

Update 2: How Bailey lives a subsidised life, the Torygraph reports:

“The London organiser of the BNP is the husband of a German embassy diplomat and benefits from accommodation and allowances provided by the German taxpayer.

Bob Bailey also enjoys some diplomatic immunity as the family member of an envoy – though this is limited as he remains a British citizen.

He married Martina Borgfeldt in Australia in 1999 after meeting her while serving in the Royal Marines in Africa. The latest issue of the Diplomatic List shows she is an “assistant attaché” at the German embassy.

Mr Bailey is leader of the opposition on Barking and Dagenham Council, which he hopes to take control of at next month’s elections.

He gives his main home as an address in Barking and Dagenham, east London, but lives in embassy-provided accommodation in west London. This appears to breach rules which say that council candidates must live or work in the same borough.

One source close to the embassy said that Mr Bailey had never told his wife that he was a BNP leader and she found out when confronted recently by her superiors.

Mr Bailey yesterday refused to deny this, or his marriage to Mrs Borgfeldt, or that he lived with her in a home paid for by the German embassy, though he insisted he did live in Barking. “

Update 3: Liverpool Antifascists has a great article, with pictures, The BNP and the neo-Nazis.

Update 4: George Pitcher at the Torygraph has an amusing piece, The BNP are like Monty Python’s Gumbys.

Update 5: Any BNP supporters or members who feel tempted to comment on this post should read my comments policy, without their knotted hanky.

Update 6: Vote No To The BNP is a wonderful site, complete with quotes from moronic BNPers.

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  1. […] piece on the BNP from the Modernity Blog looking at the BNP candidate Bob Bailey, who I have blogged about here: Modernity Blog – Get […]

  2. I dont know much about the BNP but have seen the video. Looks like 3 youths harras a man, push him and spit on him. To be honest I would have punched him. Maybe not to the extent of the BNP guy but being spat at in British Law is the same as being pushed or touched. Just putting 1 finger on someone can and has been considered common assault.

    The stupid thing is what he did with the cameras there, he would have been better off taking a beating form the youths to boost his campaign.

    I hope you wrote the same comments about John Prescott when he punches the egg thrower.

    Jenson N

    06/05/2010 at 11:32

  3. the “diplomacy stuff” is interesting and reveals the hypocrisy of the German diplomatic service’s policy because generally, they will throw someone out even for friendly contacts with communists or anarchists … but what do you expect from an institution which an unbroken continuity since 1871


    06/05/2010 at 13:01

  4. Exactly, ent,

    It would take them less than two minutes to find out about Bailey, as presumably any new spouse in the diplomatic service would be given a security check as a matter of course.


    06/05/2010 at 13:55

  5. […] other news, the BNP’s chief knucklehead of London, Bill Bailey, may be arrested for his violent conduct during the election, about time […]

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