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Elections: Fear And Loathing?

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Pundits with far greater expertise than me are contemplating the various permutations which will fallout from the British general election 1) minority Tory government 2) Tory-Lib Dem pact 3) Lib-Lab continuation etc etc.

All very pertinent, but I am sure we will find out in due course once the sordid deals have been done in smoke-filled rooms.

I think what is interesting from this election is the often contradictory nature of how we vote, do we pick a good local candidate? Or are we against his/her opponent? Do we vote for policies or pick parties?

My feeling is that many voted in the British general election on local issues, particularly in those in Scotland, and Wales, whereas in England or at least the Home Counties there was more of a class vote, for the Tories.

The impression I am getting is that there is considerable loathing for Gordon Brown and new Labour, but a distinct fear of the Tories and their slash and burn policies.

Equally, the Tories had their first scent of a victory in years so voted as you would expect, tribally in the Home Counties.

I have no insight as to what will happen with all of the horse trading, but here’s a few thoughts:

1) whether or not Gordon Brown will step down and be replaced is an issue (and if I were a betting man I wouldn’t put money on the Milibands as so much of the Press does, Ed Balls looks a stronger candidate);

2) there will probably be either (or both) a General Election within 6-9 months, and a referendum on proportional representation;

3) it might serve the Labour Party to walk away from Government, let the Tories muck it up and try to beat them in a future General Election;

4) the BNP failed in Barking, thankfully, but their overall turnout of over half a million votes is still worrying.

Update 1: Bob’s election coverage.

Update 2: Comrade Osler goes back to his roots with The far left and the general election and General election open thread.

Update 3: Phil has more on the Stoke Central General Election Result.

Update 4: Harry on The Future For Socialists, and the sad news that Peter Heathfield died.

Update 5: Jams on No seat for Griffin mercifully.

Update 6: Martin on the morning after.

Update 7: Chris Dillow sees it differently Cameron’s failure: the left’s problem. I thought his previous post was good, although it discounted the number of Public schoolers in the Labour Party!

Update 8: Galloway, beaten by the Tories! Second time around the Glorious one couldn’t pull it off and came third after New Labour zombie, Jim Fitzpatrick and Tory councillor, Tim Archer. I imagine George will now embark on another fund raising tour of the Middle East or make more of an effort to push his media career at Press TV. Either way expect more inflammatory language from him.

Update 9: Why the Nick Griffin and the BNP lost by Flesh is Grass.

Update 10: There is always a degree of political schadenfreude in elections, but I thought this comment was apt:

“The horrific George Galloway did abysmally too, getting a smaller vote than the utterly un-charismatic, non-celebrity Lindsey German got in the last election. “

Update 11: Possibility the final word goes to Olly and his Onions: Gays attempt to cure Tories.

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