“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

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Why Galloway Jumped Ship?

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Whatever you think of George Galloway he has a nose for trouble and it seems clear that he saw the implosion of Respect coming.

Apparently, there was a piece on BBC London local news, where the main backer of the Respect Party, Azmal Hussein, has decided to pull the plug.

I don’t know Mr. Hussein, but it seems he was the Respect version of Michael Ashcroft, the party funder.

Mr. Hussein, according to the International Socialism journal, is a millionaire restaurateur and property developer.

I am not familiar with Mr. Hussein but I assume he thought he was throwing good money after bad then decided to stop wasting his time and money. It seems that the writing was on the wall in 2007, or so the Weekly Worker implies.

No doubt the Gorgeous One saw it coming and made arrangements accordingly. I pity Hollywood.

Still, it is a shame that these small parties are equally dependent on the whim of multimillionaires. Not exactly a new type of politics is it?

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12/05/2010 at 19:29

A Split In The Making.

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Whilst I wouldn’t normally be terribly interested in the British political scene even from these early days it’s possible to see how the Tory and LibDem coalition will split, William Hague (once a spotty youth at Tory Party conferences) reveals more:

“”Of course we’ve all had to make compromises, but we’ve made those in a sensible way. Really it is the best of the Liberal Democrat manifesto with the bulk of the Conservative manifesto. And it’s politics, it’s government, to make the necessary compromises. “

Key words: the bulk.

In the run-up to the final deal there were plenty of derogatory comments from Tory politicians showing their natural contempt for the Liberals and they might be able to keep it under control for a period of time during their honeymoon, but it won’t last.

The Tories are downright contemptuous of the Lib Dems, but had such a lust for power that they can moderate it in the short-term.

The Lib Dems, outside of Parliament, will come to hate the Tories and all they stand for, any radicals in their ranks would surely agitate against this coalition.

Certainly, it does give both parties what they want, for a brief period of time, which is POWER.

However, such an alliance is by its very nature unstable and conflicted. if Labour can attack them competently and prepare themselves for a new election then all bets are off.

I can’t see this alliance lasting a year, you might even expect another general election within six to nine months.

That’s the type of political calculation that should be focusing any opposition to the Tory government and their Lib Dem lackeys.