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Arizona, Neo-Nazis And Crime.

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The current bout of xenophobia in Arizona has made them some new friends, but not the type you’d like to shout about, neo-Nazis are flocking to Arizona, as this video report shows:

But it is not only that, crime follows in their way.

As skinhead criminals whose hobby is being neo-Nazis on the side become active within Arizona.

The law of unintended consequences?

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25/05/2010 at 14:42

BP And Around The World.

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British Petroleum are a devious bunch, having probably engineered, by attempts at cost-cutting and speeding up an already tight drilling schedule, the largest oil spill around the southern United States, now they try to swindle the local fishermen which have been co-opted into helping them. has more:

“A federal court in Louisiana has issued the first in what is bound to be many blows against BP: The US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana has stopped BP from forcing fisherman volunteering to help with oil spill clean-up efforts from signing away their right to free speech, from holding BP harmless for any accidents that might occur, and requiring them to give the oil giant a month’s notice before filing any legal claims.

Commercial Fishermen’s Association president George Barasich asked the court to prevent BP from requiring fisherman to sign Master Charter Agreements compromising their existing and future rights. Judge Ginger Berrigan agreed that the language of the MCA’s was too broadly worded.”

Elsewhere, the Turkish government hasn’t learnt anything:

“More than 340 children in the Kurdish south-east of Turkey have been given long prison sentences in the past three years.

Most of them were detained for taking part in anti-government protests, under a law banning any show of support for the outlawed Kurdish Workers’ Party, or PKK.”

The Tories, £6 billion of cuts is only the start.

UN camp in Gaza attacked.

If I remember well about 18 months ago there was a discussion about staff shortages on the London Underground. They couldn’t get enough quality people to do the safety work which was necessary to avoid massive deaths, when accidents occur. Now in an Alice in Wonderland move they’re probably cutting up to 800 staff, unbelievable.

Kiana Firouz needs help and support, not deportation.

More on Wikileaks.

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