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9/11 And Anti-Zionism?

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I often wonder when I see supposed critics of Israel using the banner of “Anti-Zionism”, what are the other peculiar views that they hold.

To me, it seems that many of these “Anti-Zionists” are not what they seem.

By that I mean that their animosity towards Israelis is only part of some deeper prejudice or hangup.

An example, would be Alan Hart, onetime BBC journalist and now doyen of “Anti-Zionist” circles.

Alan Hart has been a vociferous critic of all things Israeli, but he has been careful to say that is not really against Jews. Hart is quick to trot out the old “some of my best friends are….” defence.

Which is all well and good, except when you scratch beneath the surface and ask him about 9/11.

Astute readers will already know what his answer is….read more at Adam Holland.

Update 1: I forget that Dr. Stephen Sizer seem to have a high regard for Alan Hart’s views.

Written by modernityblog

27/05/2010 at 14:18

7 Responses

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  1. This does not surprise me in the least ….

    Jonathan Hoffman

    27/05/2010 at 14:23

  2. Me neither, but it is good to smoke them out!

    Also, to remind their political associates that their ‘friends’ not only have hangup about Israelis but believe any old nonsense about 9/11…


    27/05/2010 at 14:28

  3. it’s typical of pro Israerlis to accuse people of anti semitism.

    So what. What’s special about jews anyway?

    Alan B'Stard M P

    28/05/2010 at 10:04

  4. Listen “Alan B’Stard M P”,

    You’re a racist, as your site shows, to ANYONE not surrounded by bigots, neo-nazis and other assorted cranks.

    I have approved this comment, just to illustrate your stupidity and to let you know this.

    Pay attention, you are on the fringe of the fringe of the fringe, no one cares about your prejudices.

    You are hung up about Jews.

    Racists are hung up on Jews.

    Are you connecting the dots?

    Now fuck off, and whilst you are doing that, read my comments policy. Your next comments will be deleted, I don’t like trash like you here.


    28/05/2010 at 13:10

  5. Mod,
    Don’t forget too that Stephen Sizer has also in the past cooperated politically with Israel Shamir, and has himself subtly insinutaed Israeli complicity in 9/11.

    James Mendelsohn

    28/05/2010 at 13:29

  6. James,

    Thanks, I forgot that.


    28/05/2010 at 15:52

  7. […] recent post on Alan Hart received disapproval for pointing out the obvious, how there is a convergence between conspiracy […]

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