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In light of recent events in the Middle East, I would like to make clear the comments policy of this blog.

I don’t object to people who disagree with me, even witty insults are not a problem, but if you want to exercise your hatred against Israelis or Jews go somewhere else.

Of course, I fully realise that many people will reply “some of my best friends are….Jews” or “I don’t hate anyone except the ‘Zionists'”, in such eventualities I would ask you to acquire a degree of introspection.

Then ask yourself, would you use such inflammatory language against other nations, states or ethnicities?

If the answer is yes, then you are a xenophobic bigot and I’m not interested in your comments, whatever they would be.

If the answer is no, then you might reflect on why you have such a bias and why you might be projecting unconscious prejudice.

Either way, here is a copy of my comments policy:

The comments policy on this blog is fairly simple, if you are a racist, a racialist, one of their mates, or someone who writes like them, then you are not welcome here.

This blog implements a No Platform for Fascists policy.

So if you are hung up about the existence of Jews, Muslims, the Roma, immigrants, “foreigners”, the French, the Irish, etc and feel the need to express your petty hatreds and xenophobia, do it elsewhere.

For American readers, this blog does not implement political censorship, I welcome you expressing your opinions, but I just don’t like fascists or their buddies, and this blog is not covered by the First Amendment.

The blog owner reserves the right to determine what comments are fit and proper for his blog.

This is the older version of the comments policy, see the updates.

Apart from all of that enjoy!

Update 1: Just remembered, for the benefit of any truculent commenters I made a few similar posts, they might take the trouble to read them as well.

Anti-Muslim Bigots, Feck Off.

Feck Off Friends of David Irving.

12 Responses

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  1. This isn’t a “comments policy”. It’s a censorship policy. Has it ever occurred to you that some people might strongly object to the behaviour of both Israel and the Islamists? I’m no racist or fascist and I would defend with my life the rights of both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

    It’s your blog. Do as you want with it. I hope you feel it contributes to human understanding.

    My own comments policy is “Please do”.

    Peter Reynolds

    09/06/2010 at 15:05

  2. It is my blog, it is my policy, you can naff off if you don’t like it.

    I don’t know you, and frankly I don’t want to, but anyone such as yourself who shows such intemperate language and characterises Israel as Nazis, is either strikingly stupid and unthoughtful, or has a bias.

    Now given the fact that you are clearly an articulate and educated man I can only assume the latter, even if you don’t realise it.

    Let me repeat it for your benefit, if you wouldn’t call Germans Nazis, invoke the word “frog” when you talk about the French, etc been using the word “Nazi” when referring to Israel is incredibly insensitive and shows a complete lack of a sense of history.

    If you wish to use intemperate and inflammatory language when referring to Israelis then take it elsewhere.

    Is that clear enough for you?


    09/06/2010 at 15:21

  3. [Editor’s note: NO adverts, please. I have told you already….]

    Is that clear enough for you – or maybe you think it’s an “advert”?

    Tell you what, charmer, I’ll “naff off” now!

    Peter Reynolds

    09/06/2010 at 15:49

  4. Your comments policy is entirely sensible, mod.


    09/06/2010 at 23:00

  5. Mes,

    The only problem I have ever had was with people who, er, have a little, shall we say, “fixation” with Israelis or Jews.

    They don’t get the message, no matter how many times I put it….which isn’t too surprising IF they are hung up on these issues then it tends to follow that their reasoning skills are less than perfect, or their prejudices cloud their judgements to an extreme.

    Whatever it is, I don’t find that any civil exchange is possible with them, so I don’t try.


    09/06/2010 at 23:47

  6. You’re a hypocrite and an insincere dissembler. Censorship is your only solution. Why do you only publish my comments selectively?

    You can fool yourself but you won’t fool the rest of us!

    Peter Reynolds

    10/06/2010 at 07:49

  7. Listen up Reynolds,

    You are a bit stupid for a blog owner and I can only assume that you don’t understand blogging or the nature of the rules.

    I decide what goes on *my* blog, you decide what goes on your blog.

    I have made it abundantly clear the areas of my comments policy and how I view things.

    I’m astonished that you as a literate professional can’t understand it.

    I’m utterly sincere in my beliefs on this situation.

    I am opposed to anyone who has hang ups, antagonism, a bad attitude, a racist or bigoted attitude towards Jews, Muslims, immigrants. The Roma, etc

    You come into the first category, by virtue of your own words, in my views.

    I made it perfectly clear that I don’t want people spamming my blog, either with their links or diatribes.

    Please try to understand the latter point.

    If however you wish to debate in a civil fashion with others, that’s fine.

    Please remember you are borderline as far as I’m concerned, as someone who has your hang ups I don’t feel compelled to any way be polite, show consideration, tolerance or niceties.

    Please make an effort to understand the latter point, your own views have put you beyond the pale of civil exchange here.


    10/06/2010 at 12:26

  8. Ugh! “Listen up”, “stupid”, “I decide what goes on my blog”, Ugh!

    Your knuckles are dragging on the ground.

    I’m out of here and I’m not looking back you poor, sad boy.

    Peter Reynolds

    10/06/2010 at 13:19

  9. Isreal has the right to self-defense.

    There I said it, that would violate alot of British blogger’s comment policies.

    Andrew Murphy

    10/06/2010 at 15:41

  10. Yeah Andrew, but it is common in Britain, Ireland and bits of Europe not to state the bleeding obvious!

    I do find, however, that those hung up on Jews and Israelis are mostly beyond reason, and no matter how you phrase a comments policy they would misunderstand and play the victim.

    I am happy for Mr Reynolds to continue posting, as long as he lays off the spam, doesn’t exercise his prejudices or flood each thread with his rantings.


    10/06/2010 at 16:38

  11. Thank you for the courteous invitation. You see, if you try, even you can have manners. If you think I’m “hung up on Jews or Israelis” you should try reading some of what I write before you jump to badly informed conclusions. I have tried to share some of my ideas with you but whenever I do you say they are “adverts” or “SPAM”. You’re so defensive, full of your own prejudices (we all are) that you seem to be scared of debate or sharing with other people or letting them say what they think. There’s some very deep insecurities there I think.

    Don’t you think you might be verging on the racist with some of this anti-British stuff? I’ll leave it up to you and your readers to judge.

    Don’t pretend that you’ve published all my comments though because the ones you find uncomfortable are still “awaiting moderation”.

    I’d rather not participate anymore but I’m still susbcribed to the comments feed. Tell you what I’ll be strong.

    Peace and goodwill.

    Peter Reynolds

    10/06/2010 at 17:44

  12. See Andrew, if you are pleasant to cranks like Reynolds then it only encourages them.

    I have already stated that his use of the word “Nazi” in the characterisation of Israel is grossly offensive, but Reynolds, being prejudice in this particular area, doesn’t see it.

    Now he seems to go on to pop psychology, there is no end to his skills obviously, sadly he can’t apply them in reading my comments policy and understanding why I might take offense at his attitude, comments and remarks.


    10/06/2010 at 19:03

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