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Roll Around the Blogs.

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I haven’t done a round up of blogs for ages, and been away so I might have missed some out:

Bob on Chomsky and the X Factor, I dare you not to smile.

Phil is becoming a counter Iain Dale, The UK’s 100 Worst Political Blogs. Sadly, I only made number 76, should have been at least 2 or 3.

Two from Stroppyblog, Why the left shouldn’t vote for Diane Abbott and A message to Tube passengers from Tube staff.

The Contentious Centrist’s History Lesson: The Jews of Lebanon.

The CST on Arab European League fined for Holocaust Denial cartoon.

Dave Osler says Welcome back to Britain, Mr Nadir.

Flesh is Grass on Unlucky roads – Roma in Europe.

Greens Engage covering something I missed, Playing politics: summer camps in Gaza.

Jack of Kent tackles a tricky topic: What is liberalism?

More than two delicious posts at Judeosphere, The Unintentional Irony of Chas Freeman and The CIA Paid Me To Write This Blog Post.

Martin’s hackles get raised and understandably so, Greenbelt: from Bible-bashing to Israel-bashing.

A guest post at Seismic Shock makes a similar point, Christian Friends of Israel – and Christian Foes.

The New Centrist is back.

Snoopy’s When the undead meets the village idiot.

The Poor Mouth and Carla Bruni.

The Daily (Maybe) on NHS Direct.

And Weggis’s 10 Things we didn’t know before Tony Blair published his memoirs.

Mystical Politics on rank political cynicism, Are we losing our minds over Cordoba House?

Over at the Z Word blog, Sudan’s Nuclear Ambitions.

Obliged to Offend has an admission, The Burka – Why I changed my mind.

Richard Millet on Gideon Levy packs them in at Amnesty.

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