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Vets Today Taken Over By Neo-Nazis?

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Adam Holland highlighted this disgusting article, replete with the type of arguments that you see on neo-Nazi message boards:

“Everyone has heard the story at one time or another. President Wilson was duped into setting up the Federal Reserve system. The term “Federal Reserve” is a lie. The Rothschild family and their predecessors that have controlled European currencies forever, since the 1600s and before, took over operation of America in 1913, printing our money and running the country through a series of banks that they control, and not all that “secretly.”

”Federal Reserve” means “Rothschild.” “Rothschild” means poverty, hunger, ignorance and, most of all, war. This is all you really need to know. Everything else, the Pentagon, Wall Street, the corporate news, congress, the Supreme Court, the arms industry bandits are nothing but their henchmen, cowards and thieves that sold their souls for cash, the perception of power and vice.

Historians have taken a new look at World War I and found it to be an attempt to destabilize Europe and bring about a socialist/communist takeover. It is only coincidental that the communists were almost all Jewish. The war would have ended in 1916 when Germany agreed to withdraw from France were it not for negotiations between Britain and the Rothshilds that culminated in the Balfour Declaration. Britain got the billions they needed from the Rothschilds who brought America into the war. Communists took over Russia and, for a time, Germany, Hungary and other countries also. There was even an attempt to take over the United States in 1918 called “the Red Scare.” It is only coincidental that almost all involved were Jews.

Those historians trying to take an honest look at our falsified history of World War II are called “anti-Semites” and “holocaust deniers.” All lose their teaching positions, many are jailed and more are “accidented” or “suicided,” themselves or family members.

The pattern is there but will be suppressed as long as the international power structure remains as it is. Hitler warned that Germany would be destroyed and that Russia would take over Eastern Europe and try to conquer the world.”

WTF? Who edits Vets Today nowadays? A grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan?

How did Gordon Duff’s article pass editorial control, it is a pile of mashed racism masquerading as informed comment.

It is utterly disgusting and reprehensible that the Vets Today’s editor should have allowed conspiracy theorising and neo-Nazi thinking into the open, and given it a platform.

Update 1: Any “Vet Today” readers who agree with Gordon Duff’s views should read my comments policy.

Written by modernityblog

08/09/2010 at 00:53

5 Responses

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  1. When I saw “Vets Today” as the link, my first thought was that Vetenarians had gone all Morrissey.


    08/09/2010 at 10:23

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. No way would I let Neo-Nazis near my beloved hamster!

    Seriously however, this is terrible and should never have been published beyond the likes of Stormfront. It is very offensive to all veterans who fought in WW2 by denigrating what they fought for and particularly to Jewish veterans. I hope an apology will be forthcoming.


    09/09/2010 at 01:18

  3. […] Vets Today Taken Over By Neo-Nazis? […]

  4. What worries me about your post, tho, is your reaction to this story. You don’t ask “Is it true?” (I have no idea, myself, never having researched the subject and being far too wary to take an opinion from those in power). You instead demand that those saying it be silenced. This makes me nervous.

    You see, how is this different from Nazi politics? “To the gas chamber with the vile Jew!” and never mind what he had to say, or whether it is true. That was, indeed, the Nazi way of dealing with debates.

    For instance, Goering at the meeting after Kristalnacht (minutes are online, and should be required reading for us all) got increasingly irritated with the man from the insurance industry telling him that the damage really did have to be paid for, and that (a) the property damaged was mostly German-owned and (b) welshing would destroy the international credibillity of the German insurance industry and (c) all the glass was imported, so would cost hard currency. At one point he bellowed at Heydrich, “I wish you’d killed a thousand Jews and not broken so much glass!” Heydrick replies, defensively, “Seventy-eight Jews WERE killed.” (The minutes are actually funny, from one point of view, as the Nazi gangsters sit there in their jackboots visibly thinking “I didn’t join the Nazi party to process insurance claims, dammit!”) Goering pays no attention. His entire focus, throughout the meeting, is on what is convenient. Need a law passed? He’ll do it. Eventually he just throws the insurance man out, when the latter refuses to see that a loss of 4 million marks becomes a “profit” if they are allowed to keep the further 1 million marks owed to Jews. And he blames the Jews — “That [fine] will work. The swine won’t commit another murder.” It would be idle to ask what murder — it’s just an excuse for what he wants to do.

    If we do what is convenient, rather than what is right, we will end up doing what is wrong, and doing wrong of precisely the kind we claim to deplore. Surely?

    Roger Pearse

    22/09/2010 at 01:59

  5. Roger,

    What worries me is that you would be troubled to comment on something that you clearly known nothing about.

    what worries me is that you, as an educated individual, seem to know nothing about the underlying mechanisms of racism, how it interacts in society, the wise and wherefores, etc

    What worries me, Roger, is that you can’t be troubled to purchase a simple book or two on antisemitism and dispel your ignorance on this topic.

    What worries me, Roger, is that I should have to explain that conspiracies concerning Jews running countries are as old as the hills, and is part and parcel of standard antisemitism.

    I try to assume that my readers have a modicum of knowledge in these areas and they don’t want me to state the bleeding obvious.

    And if you know what anti-Jewish racism actually *is* then you wouldn’t have made such a facile comment in the first place.

    Might I suggest purchasing a few books on antisemitism? I feel this is an area where your education could do with improving.


    22/09/2010 at 10:21

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