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Paying For The Pope.

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Given the Catholic Church’s wealth (the 1965 figures) I thought that Peter Tatchell makes a good point, in the JC:

“Last year, the Pope rescinded the excommunication of the Holocaust-denying Bishop, Richard Williamson. He has called on Williamson to recant but he has not revoked his readmission to the Catholic church. A Holocaust denier remains within the faith, with the Pope’s blessing.

Benedict wants to make a saint of Pope Pius XII, despite the war-time pontiff’s failure to speak out publicly against the Holocaust. His refusal to open the Vatican files suggests that Pius’s record is less than honourable – and unworthy of sainthood.

These are two of many actions by Pope Benedict that call into question his moral judgment. He says women are unfit to be priests, childless couples should be denied fertility treatment, embryonic stem cell research is murder, using condoms to stop the spread of HIV is immoral and gay people are not entitled to equal human rights.

Most shockingly, the Pope is accused of colluding with the cover-up of child sex abuse by priests. Even today, he has not handed the Vatican’s bulging sex abuse files to the police.

Part of Benedict’s visit to Britain is being funded by the taxpayer. A Comres poll found that 77 per cent of the public oppose us footing the bill.”

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09/09/2010 at 14:21