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A Quick Linux One.

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I might not be posting for a few days so I thought I would do a quick technology post, rather predictably on Linux.

Whilst Windows 7 will cost you a small fortune Linux is largely free, but the choice is somewhat daunting as can be seen at Distrowatch.

Which particular version of Linux should you choose, is not an easy question to answer, the trite response might be: it depends.

I have tried innumerable Linux distributions and settled on a few that I find reliable and usable.

Firstly, PCLinuxos.

This distro comes in many varieties, I tend towards the smaller version with less bloat.

MiniMe is good, and you can add whatever application you please (again, free). It is KDE based but that shouldn’t be too much of problem now as KDE 4 is getting quite mature.

The other one I find useful is Zen Mini, which is Gnome based but a lot smaller and faster, or so it seems. I should say that the one winning feature in these PCLinuxos distros that I do appreciate is the ability to clone the existing setup from within itself.

That’s right, make an image copy of the existing setup, which could be installed else where or just kept for safety. A marvellous feature, and it works. It is called MkLiveCD. It is simple to use.

Secondly, my fallback distributions are Simply MEPIS (for faster machines) and AntiX Linux for older ones.

Fortunately, new releases are coming out nearly every day and two that deserve scrutiny are Mint’s Debian 201009 and Mint Fluxbox.

Finally, it is handy to make a USB installation of Parted Magic via Unetbootin, it will boot up a very small but functional vision of Linux and you could use it as a browser package, as it includes basic networking, it is surprisingly fast.

PS:Whatever you pick try it out first on an old or spare machine, get use to the installation, read the screens carefully and check the web if you get stuck, it ain’t too hard.

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