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Some Round Up?

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Been away for a few days and it is rather hard to catch up with moving events, but here is a bit of a round up as recompense:

Richard Millet has a persuasive post on Those “disloyal Jews” and the racist thinking that under pins it.

CiF Watch covers Hamas Huggers.

Entdinglichung highlights how appallingly Syrian Kurds are treated in Denmark.

Some golden oldies from Engage. I particularly like Dave Rich’s If I say “Zionist” not “Jew” then I can’t be antisemitic, can I?

Contested Terrain has many informative posts, including a pointer to The Myth Of Jewish Communism and AK Press To Fox News’ Glenn Beck: We Have A Lot In Common.

For a background to Glenn Beck’s weird views see Adam Holland’s coverage.

Judeosphere And The Crazy Just Keeps On Coming…

Left Foot Forward on Clegg completes Thatcherite conversion with household debt metaphor.

Dave Osler on Benedict XVI: Antichrist, or just a bit confused?

Your Friend in the North is having none of it, Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Ratzinger?

Weggis on the case of two Greenpeace activists.

Jim on the Swedish elections.

Greens Engage on Passing over antisemitism and EU Commissioner Karel de Gucht.

Eric Reeves and The death of ‘Ahmed’ of Kassab camp.

Finally, a host of political delights at Peter Tatchell’s.

Update 1: I missed this marvellous post from Stroppyblog, More taking pops at the Pope !

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