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Blue Plaque for Peter Tatchell.

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A well earned Blue Plaque is going to Peter Tatchell, and I can think of no better living human rights activist that deserves one, the Pink Paper has more:

“Hollywood actor Sir Ian McKellen will unveil a blue plaque honouring Peter Tatchell, campaigner for human rights, gay freedom and social justice, this month.

The ceremony takes place on Wednesday 29 September at 11am outside 62 Arrol House, Rockingham Street, London.

For over 40 years, Peter Tatchell has spearheaded campaigns for gay rights and human rights in Britain and across the globe. In 1983 he was the defeated Labour candidate in the Bermondsey by-election – the dirtiest, most violent election in Britain in the twentieth century. He co-founded OutRage! in 1990 and he twice attempted a citizen’s arrest of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe on charges of human rights abuses.

Last year he was named Campaigner of the Year at The Observer Ethical Awards.”

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27/09/2010 at 15:24

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