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The Tale Of Two EDL Supporters.

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The English Defence League is trying to be media savvy and downplay the involvement of Extreme Right activists in its activities.

Unfortunately for the EDL, the video and photographic evidence contradicts their PR offensive, as these two EDL supporters show:

Wayne Baldwin, member of the EDL’s Birmingham Division.

Abdul Hussein/Salaam. Bizarrely, he’s an EDL supporter too.

Kirklees Unity has more on him:

“EDL poster-boy Abdul Hussain is a Glasgow Rangers fan, filmed here at an EDL demo, singing sectarian hate songs which celebrate knee-capping and beating Taigs (meaning Catholics). Just as Islamophobic bigotry assumes all Muslims are terrorists, sectarian bigotry assumes all Catholics are Fenians and Provos (pro-IRA), and both are as stupid as black-power bigots who assume all white people must be racist because a few nutters join groups like the BNP and KKK. I despise the IRA, but sectarian hatred is disgusting, no matter where or who it comes from.

The EDL has over 25,000 supporters on Facebook, but only THREE non-white people regularly attend EDL protests. The 1st (Guramit Singh) is a proven racist. The 2nd (Joel Titus) says he’s anti-BNP but has been filmed travelling to EDL demos with BNP activist Chris Renton (let’s just say Joel seems VERY confused). The 3rd (Abdul Hussain) is a vicious bigot. In contrast, hundreds of EDL supporters show themselves on You Tube and Facebook to be BNP supporters and/or either Nazis or friends of Nazis.”

This is Wayne and Abdul together.

Here’s Wayne Baldwin with some of his real friends, giving a Nazi salute:
Wayne Baldwin and friends

I think it is very clear that the EDL merely use idiots like Abdul Hussein/Salaam to provide them with a veneer of respectability and plausible denial, but the reality is that Wayne Baldwin is more typical of their supporters. The swastika tattooed on Baldwin’s chest explains what his true views are.

[H/T: I hate the BNP group on Facebook.]

Update 1: If you have any doubts about the nature of the EDL look out for those giving the Nazi salute, here’s another lot of EDLers in Bradford 2010.

And one more below of EDLers in Bradford, saluting again:

[Thanks to Kirklees Unity for their diligence.]

Update 1: Thanks to Expose Tweets, an off shoot of Exposing intolerance and racism online XVI at Facebook.

They have identified one of those below giving the Nazi salute as Mike Bayliss from Bristol EDL.

From Expose Tweets.

Another EDL supporter.

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30/09/2010 at 02:07

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  2. Hello!

    The man in the centre of the Bradford photograph giving the Hitler salute is Mike Bayliss. We ran the same photograph ourselves some days back.


    03/10/2010 at 17:20

  3. Thanks for that, I will update the post shortly.


    03/10/2010 at 17:33

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