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October and Linux.

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Slow blogging again, away from PCs for a few days.

A good guide to Firefox.

ACS law has made the headlines, but not all of the story has come out in the mainstream media. Here’s a few other views on ACS Law.

Not forgetting ACS Law’s emails and Sky Broadband users.

Now BT’s involved.

Some lovely Linux Admin Tools.

The Blackberry Playbook looks nice, but not sure it will win the battle with the Ipad. This is a good comparison between them.

Ultimately I think it will come down to applications, once the market for these devices has settled with the advent of Android versions.

Cheap Android tablets on the way?

For Windows users this is a very good site, is it still annoying you?

Are 48 cores too much?

Don’t forget, you are probably using Unix, sort of, in one way shape or form, even if you don’t realise.

The issue of copyright.

Scanning things and Linux.

Taintdroid, not available yet tho.

More wine, 1.1.34 is here.

End of the BIOS?

Anyone for Firefox 4, a bit bleeding edge for me,

A Firefox wish list, not bad, I agree,

Drop box from Android.

Like hacking? This is the site for you.

OpenOffice is forked! Libre Office has come to life.

An area of weakness in Linux, nannying.

Can OLPC be resuscitated?

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