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Vicious Anti-EDL Rumours.

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I am reliably informed that English Defence League supporters believe that my posts are vicious anti-EDL rumours.

Which is rather peculiar, as I thought they were quite reasonable.

It is true that my posts only correlated freely available information from the Web, which show the linkage between BNPers, neo-Nazis and the English Defence League.

All of this is documented in numerous photos and videos, and can not be denied.

These are not rumours, just facts.

A few things that we shouldn’t forget:

1. The EDL *leadership* is stuffed full of BNPers, ex-BNPers, neo-Nazis and their allies.

2. The EDL always pick towns with high ethnic populations to hold their demonstrations. Their objective is to run amok, abuse and intimidate local people. That’s what they do.

3. The EDL want to start ethnic conflict and anyone that supports or excuses them is beyond the pale of reasoned debate, as they are aiding and abetting racial conflict.

The EDL’s latest stunt in Leicester is covered by Nick Lowles:

“As life is slowly returning to normal on the streets of Leicester it is perhaps an appropriate time to reflect on today’s events.

I would put the EDL numbers at 1,500, perhaps a few more, perhaps slightly fewer. The police I think have said 1,200 while the BBC said 2,000. Either way there were certainly a lot more than there were at Bradford.

The police were a lot harder on the EDL than their counterparts in Bradford. They were more aggressive towards them, boxed them in more quickly and stamped down on any misbehaviour instantly.

However, they let themselves down by letting the thugs leave the area without much supervision and so allowed the EDL to run around the streets and ultimately clash with locals.

The EDL once again showed their true selves by constantly fighting with police, including throwing smoke and stun grenades, bottles and full beer cans. They chanted racist abuse and given the chance, which they were after the demo ended, randomly attacked young Asian and black people.

One of the main positives of the day was that the overwhelming majority of locals heeded advice and stayed away. Yesterday 700 turned up at our HOPE not hate peace vigil and we are hoping for even greater numbers for our community event tomorrow. It would have been understandable for local people to take to the streets to demonstrate their anger but wisely people decided that this was precisely what the EDL wanted.

The most surreal moment of the day was the conversation I had with Tommy Robinson and also the one my colleague Matty had with the EDL’s number two, Kevin Carroll, when they were being held against a wall after they had been arrested.

This is EDLers attacking some peaceful people sitting in a restaurant, trying to smash the windows and racially abusing the diners:

That’s what the EDL do.

PS: Before any EDL excusers or supporters even think about posting they should read my comments policy, read it once and then again.

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