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Entertainment News: Tea, A Would-be Witch And Mel Gibson.

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I suppose we shouldn’t laugh, but the idea of starting a political advert saying “I’m not a Witch…” is only something that a Tea Partyer could do.

This is Christine O’Donnell’s advert, and I dare you not to smile:

And below another clip from 1999 where she admits to being a Witch:

Ms. O’Donnell makes Dan Quayle look like a erudite scholar by comparison, and here’s a reminder of his abilities:

More humour from the States, apparently Mel Gibson’s one-time partner, Oksana Grigorieva, is hiring a lot of lawyers, some 39.

Ms. Grigorieva will need them, having put up with Gibson’s rants, assaults and his racism she’ll need all the help she can get.

I have a feeling that Mel might be up for Tea Party membership shortly

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16/10/2010 at 22:52

BNP Splits And PhotoShop.

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There’s a lot going on amongst British neofascists, split, fights and more splits.

Hopefully I will have time in the future to cover them, but for now Unite Against Fascism has an amusing piece on some BNP splitters and their desire for better PR:

“A splinter group aiming to form a new-style version of the Nazi British National Party has been forced to recruit black supporters… from a well known photo library.

The soon-to-launch British Freedom Party has emerged from the BNP Reform group set up by disaffected former BNP members who have fallen out with BNP leader . The BNP Reform group gathered around former BNP webmaster , would-be challenger to Griffin and former BNP legal officer .

No real difference…

Aside from the in-party BNP squabbling over Griffin’s leadership and financial matters, the “reformers” seem to have no real differences with the fascist BNP and its poisonous politics.

Now some of the splinter group are forming a new party. An announcement from BNP Reform dated 14 October 2010 says:

We, in our group, always knew that the likelihood of a successful negotiation with the Leadership was a very remote possibility and had accepted the fact that a completely new party may have to be formed. That situation has now come to pass.

The new party – which will apparently launch without Eddy Butler – has been dubbed the British Freedom Party and has already established a website (see screenshot, above – click to enlarge).

But in a departure from BNP tradition, the website of the British Freedom Party features a group of cheery people, two of whom are black.

Perhaps the new outfit is mindful of the long-running court case brought by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission that has seen the BNP wriggle about over clauses in its once explicitly “whites-only” constitution.

Where has the British Freedom Party found these black people? It seems unlikely that black people would rush to join an organisation set up by those who until very recently were leading figures in the BNP…

The answer is simple. There’s no need for any real black supporters: the BFP has found just the mixed race group it needs. It’s the “happy friends” from the iStockphoto picture library!

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