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Tibet And Language.

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China, like many colonial powers and dictators, is forcing its language on those it rules over, but some Tibetans have had enough, according to Free Tibet:

“The protests are sparked by Chinese educational reforms which stipulate that all subjects will be taught in Chinese and all textbooks will be in Chinese.These reforms have already been implemented in other areas across the Tibet Autonomous Region, including in primary schools.”

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22/10/2010 at 03:12

Tories Hit The Poorest.

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There’s plenty of talk about the Tory government’s cuts, but we all know who will get it in the neck, the poor, as the IFS shows.

Even the Torygraph admits as much:

“The total impact of tax rises and spending cuts is “regressive”, where the poor are harder hit than the wealthy, rather than “progressive”, where the rich bear more of the burden, “across most of the income distribution,” Mr Emmerson said. The cuts announced on Wednesday “reinforced that”.

The IFS analysis – which includes cuts to benefits excluded from the Treasury’s models – also showed that the losses of those in the very highest income group were up to twice as much as the Government had suggested.

I am not going to go through it, lest my blood pressure explodes, but I will be away for the weekend, so readers can enjoy this clip:

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22/10/2010 at 01:51