“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

What Others Say.

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This is definitely not a round up, but some of the things I have read and what others say.

A Very Public Sociologist has a critical guest post from Lawrence Shaw of the NUJ, on Where Now for Trade Union Friends of Israel?

Else where Phil is a solid Labourite and covers the election of Tristram Hunt.

Adam Holland on No accounting for taste: Glenn Greenwald supports conspiracy monger Alan Hart (…or does he? See comments.)

Richard Bartholomew on the English Defence League Rally at Israeli Embassy.

Bob argues for Anti-fascism in a new era.

Café Turco ponders Serbia.

Contested Terrain examines Tea Parties – Racism, Anti-Semitism And The Militia Impulse.

Building bridges between British Jews and Muslims at the CST.

Comrade Osler is a bit pessimistic in Socialism in the sober decade.

Edmund finds Christine O’Donnell somewhat embarrassing.

Engage has a positive potpourri of intelligent and informative posts but here are just two: “As a Jew” logic is not appropriate in public debate – David Hirsh responds to Ran Greenstein and US antizionist academic embraces Holocaust denial.

Eric Reeves has two pieces in Dissent, Darkness Visible: The UN Looks at Darfur but Refuses to See and Arming Khartoum: China’s Complicity in the Darfur Genocide. Here’s an extract:

“Where else do weapons from China and other countries end up? Many of the Janjaweed have been recycled into various paramilitary forces in Darfur, including the Popular Defense Force, the Border Guards, and the Central Police. These are often the vicious enforcers within the camps for displaced persons, and in the urban areas of Darfur—and have recently been implicated in targeted killings of camp leaders. Khartoum makes sure they are never short of weapons or ammunition.

Despite overwhelming evidence, going back five years, China refuses to take responsibility for the conspicuous violations of the Darfur arms embargo, even as Chinese weapons and ammunition—clearly dated after 2005—have continued to flow steadily into the region. This has been established beyond any doubt. Similarly, the UN Security Council and its Darfur Sanctions Committee have done nothing about Khartoum’s five-year violation of the complete ban on offensive military overflights in Darfur. Sensing that UN diplomatic attention—as well as that of the United States, Canada, and the EU—is now focused on the referenda for South Sudan and Abyei, China is brazenly defying multiple UN Security Council resolutions, and doing so by challenging the integrity of an independent UN investigating body—on no factual basis.”

Charlie on SureStart: A Marxist Approach.

Flesh Is Grass has a lovely post, I am not antisemitic because I don’t feel antisemitic and she reminds us of the MacPherson report’s 6.17.

Greens Engage on Gaza’s religious hardliners.

Emily Butselaar at the Index on Censorship considers Wikileaks:

“It’s easy to forget just how many stories WikiLeaks has broken. Its tremendous success has meant the site has often struggled under the volume of users. It has faced down corrupt governments, investment banks and the famously litigious Church of Scientology, made public top-secret internet censorship lists and broken injunctions — as in the case of the press gag granted to UK solicitors Carter Ruck in the interests of their client, Trafigura.”

Judeosphere wonders Does the Internet Undermine Holocaust Denial?

The Guardian has two interesting articles, Secrecy deal with Switzerland could let Britons avoid £40bn in taxes:

“Wealthy Britons could dodge £40bn in tax payments after the UK agreed ahead of negotiations on a tax deal with Switzerland that the country could maintain its traditional banking secrecy.

Thousands of higher rate taxpayers, who pay 50% tax on their income in the UK, will be allowed to keep their secret accounts in Zurich and Geneva and pay a low tax rate after the Treasury failed to secure agreement on sharing bank details.”

And Watchdog to meet Home Office about plans to track email and phone use:

“The information commissioner is to meet the Home Office to clarify his concerns over the potential privacy risks involved in a revived Whitehall project to track the email, internet and mobile phone use of everyone in Britain.

Home Office sources say details of the “interception modernisation scheme” are to be published within weeks and will build on Labour’s proposal to require mobile phone and internet service providers to collect and store the “traffic details” of all internet and mobile phone use.

The decision to push ahead with the “Big Brother” surveillance scheme follows pressure from the security services, including MI5 and GCHQ, as well as Scotland Yard, who have argued that it is essential to bring phone-tapping into the internet age.

The Home Office stresses that the scheme would not give the police and security services access to the content of emails or text messages but case-by-case access to the traffic details of who contacted whom at what time and from what location.”

So the current crop of Tories in power are for greater surveillance and letting tax dodgers off with billions.

Hmm, that’s just the start, these lot are seriously trying to out-Tory Maggie Thatcher, not good.

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27/10/2010 at 22:42

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