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Off With Her Head And Privatisation.

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Many consider privatisation in Western countries to be a failed experiment of the 1980s and 1990s, yet it is the backbone of the current Tory government in Britain.

In their pursuit to sell off the family silver the Tories might well do away with the monarch.

On stamps, that is.

You can almost hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Neanderthal Tories and backwoodsmen as they contemplate the demise of Queen Elizabeth from British stamps, the Guardian has more on that possibility:

“The coalition is looking for a way to ensure that the Queen’s head is not removed from stamps if the Royal Mail is sold to a foreign buyer, business secretary Vince Cable said today.

Since the “penny black” went on sale in 1864, every British stamp has borne the profile of the reigning monarch. However, the government is now in talks with Buckingham palace after it was pointed out that there is no explicit guarantee that the tradition would continue if the Royal Mail is sold.

Speaking on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show, Cable said: “We have thought very hard about how we protect the brand – the royal family. There is provision within the legislation to stop the abuse of it,” he said. “But now it has been pointed out that there’s nothing specifically to stop whoever runs the Royal Mail in future dropping the royal head.

“I think it is unlikely they would, because it is a very powerful brand, but we will talk to the palace about whether any further changes need to be made.”

The postal services bill to enable the sell-off gives the Queen a veto over any use of her image, but does not insist that her head is shown.”

Written by modernityblog

19/12/2010 at 20:55

6 Responses

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  1. Massive cuts – no problem[ rises in taxes and tuition fees – fine… But I bet that the poltroon who is my local MP will be up in arms over this. Perhaps the only benefit arising from the coalition is that Rosindell did not go from being a shadow minister to being a real one.

    jams o donnell

    19/12/2010 at 21:59

  2. Exactly, Jams.

    I am just waiting for the Daily Mail to throw a fit.


    19/12/2010 at 22:01

  3. Well, Vince Cable would like to dump the Monarch.s head from the stamps

    So would you by the sound of it.


    19/12/2010 at 23:02

  4. Jams

    Sorry, about your work situation as you are a decent man. The truth is that the days of the ever expanding safety net are over. The safety nets were designed in a time when global competition was not as fierce.

    Across the pond we are headed to this as well. Barring a miracle like Bin Ladden getting caught or the mother of all terrorist strikes on the USA Obama is finnished. The federal workers except military types are in for trimming. Many people hung on looking for a buy out. A couple died waiting for offers that never came. Now the tactic is to give senior people demeaning work . Two have retired and another two have had heart attacks.

    Cutting the royals won’t do much. That being said you know how this American loathes royalty.

    I feel sorry about the college cuts. However, as higher ed tied itself dangerously to political extremists it left itself vulnerable when the opposition gets in power. Perhaps, it is time those in higher ed learned that they need to focus on their jobs and quit the bombastic political rhetoric.


    20/12/2010 at 03:12

  5. “Many consider privatisation in Western countries to be a failed experiment of the 1980s and 1990s…”

    I don’t know. Mostly they were a good idea. Many of those who object simply want everything run by officials, for the benefit of the staff, not the public. These people need to be put out of the room, for they don’t care whether any of these public services work, only that public money should be used to employ large numbers of voters who can be relied on to vote socialist. It’s a form of corruption.

    It was certainly right to privatise a whole slew of industries. The government cannot do anything efficiently and never could — as long ago as 1663, Samuel Pepys remarked “I see that the King cannot buy things as cheaply as other men” when inspecting the royal dockyards. The privatisation of British Telecom was a resounding success. Getting British Leyland’s hand out of all our wallets was likewise very good news for the rest of us. The logic behind privatising the water industry was that huge investment was required, which government could never do.

    But some of the later privatisations were very strange. Privatising the arms factories, for instance — how does that work? How do they drum up business? — start a war?

    The way in which the railways were privatised seem calculated to enrich those purchasing franchises, but to prevent investment. No-one could imagine anything worse than British Rail, but the lazy and incompetent staff promptly found that they could hide behind the mass of companies created and really did make things much worse. The Major government looked corrupt, in many of these privatisations. Likewise there was a scandal when DERA was privatised, making the taxpayer a huge loss, but a few civil servants very rich.

    The privatisation of the gas and electricity boards was not self-evidently daft, but, twenty years on, has had unforeseen consequences. All the companies have been bought by foreign corporations — some of them state-owned — which have no incentive to invest, and every incentive to jack up prices until people starve. After all, they don’t feel the pain they inflict. Water companies are going the same way. It seems right to renationalise all these, therefore, simply because we cannot sensibly have this situation where pensioners die every winter because a group of French businessmen feel like gouging “les rostbifs”.

    The privatisation of the Royal Mail is a strange idea. It is hard to see the logic. But one thing is clear, from all the previous privatisations — the civil servants currently running Royal Mail stand to get very rich. I smell corruption.

    An efficient and reliable post office is an essential. I do not see how privatisation will help this, and I can see many ways in which it will not.

    Roger Pearse

    29/12/2010 at 11:15

  6. Roger, do you have a problem with reading?

    Wasn’t my previous comment to you fairly clear ?

    You are no longer welcome here.

    I have been extremely tolerant of your idiocies, but no longer.

    You have your own blog, now pray do not darken my virtual doorstep again.


    05/01/2011 at 18:35

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