“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

2011, A Slow Round Up.

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I am starting 2011 slowly, and although I have a few partly completed posts hanging around I wanted to see what others were discussing.

Johnny Guitar has a few gems, Free the Saudi Arabia one, very funny and a sad tale, Ireland of the equals.

Weggis expounds Left-Wing Influences Part 1, not that I would say anything sarky about Greens, but he does have a sense of humour, which is often missing from those engaged in activism. I look forward to his critical post on negative Green Influences, I wonder if he could bring himself to write that one?

Harry Barnes is very quiet, I hope he’s well? Last month he argued A Vote Of No Confidence was needed to get the Tories out, which is a bit optimistic given the way they and the Lib-Dems have stitched things up.

Jams is thinking about signing up for the Tories, if you can read the last paragraph without laughing or a smile then I would be very surprised.

Jim has a thoughtful post on Murder in Arizona.

Chris Dillow has a well deserved poke at Jack Straw. He’s considerably more restrained than I would be. Straw was one of Blair’s most loyal servants. Nothing was beneath him and he continued that attitude when he left government. Politicians with Straw’s experience should realise that populism and stereotypes are something to be avoided at all costs. What a loathsome creature he is, making it much easier for the Far Right to put out their nauseating ideas about ethnic minorities.

Stroppy has a marvellous scoop, Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene.

Snoopy spots a “Zionist” vulture.

Nick Lowles on EDL gloating backfires and Killers were EDL supporters.

Rosie on books. Which reminds me I might, just might, do a few book reviews this year, wits permitting.

Rebecca asks What is B’Tselem? and comes to a neat conclusion.

Martin shows his inexhaustible sense of humour by including Tony Blair in his top 10 books of 2010. Blair’s self congratulatory piece of twisted PR and self-justification will soon be available in the binends of bookshops across Britain, at a considerably reduced price and is probably only fit for propping up a wonky table!

The Index on Censorship’s Uncut blog, “It’s forbidden to be you sometimes”.

Ten years of the “War on Terror” from Jack, “Anti-terrorism is now an end in itself; a version of Orwell’s boot stamping on a human face forever; the policy of O’Brien seeking power and control simply for its own sake.” He’s right.

Flesh Is Grass on an interesting theme, “Influential left-wing ideas” (or issues, or initiatives).

Peter Ryley has a good list of books too.

Waterloo Sunset doesn’t like Murdoch.

Dave has an uncommonly cold but pertinent post on the killings in Tucson.

I can’t help remembering that the Southern Poverty Law Centre highlighted the issue of the growth of the Extreme Right in Arizona, months back in Meet the ‘Patriots’. The SPLC’s Hate Map lists 16 groupings in Arizona.

Contested Terrain’s 2010: Year In Review. It is always a thoughtful blog, deserving of more attention.

Sarah on Christmas in Sarajevo.

Ophelia Benson says we should Listen to the banned.

Kellie has a lot of good stuff about Frontline Tunisia. I confess I had missed it as an issue, thanks for reminding us.

Adam Holland on guns and the Tea Party, loons.

Finally, Bob’s had a excellent selection of posts recently and discussions have been stimulating, bar one. The question of one state or not comes in for scrutiny. His Books of the Year 2010 is good. Balkan notes is worthy of a peruse.

Not unsurprisingly, I rather like Bob’s “Influential left-wing ideas”. We are still awaiting the “Commenter of the year” award, and no, I won’t break down in tears if I get it, but really others are more deserving (did I say that!).

Will 2011 be a good year for blogging?

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11/01/2011 at 15:54

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  1. Thanks for the link. And re this Murder in Arizona post: I dearly wish that politics be out of the play in this case. At least for a few days, since by now it’s quite clearly a case of a mentally ill gun-toting person.


    11/01/2011 at 20:15

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