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Sorry To My Female Readers.

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I have had time to reflect and I wish to say sorry to my female readers, who I may have inadvertently offended in the discussions around Julian Assange’s Arrest And The Broken Condom.

I feel I was often too caustic, and not sufficiently attuned to the issues, as seen from a different perspective.

Regrettably, I tend to focus on political matters, sometimes to the exclusion of more intricate points.

So my apologies, particularly to any of my female readers who were rightly offended by my unnecessary and direct comments.


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  1. I read your post and I don’t see where is it that you could have offended any woman.

    The crime of rape is usually imagined as forced intercourse through physical violence or intimidation, but getting sex through deception can also be considered a form of violence. Therefore we must be careful when making judgements about the Swedish juridical frame of the crime of rape.

    However, this case also makes clear something that I could observe while living in Norway, and which I also discussed with colleagues who specifically study the scandinavian countries. There is a certain way of men and women to relate to each other in these countries that makes them, on the one hand, very egalitarian, but on the other are extremely repressive of male identity. Above all, spontaneity is not welcome and anything that diverges from the way people are expected to behave is easily censored. This sounds paradoxical, of course, bearing in mind that these countries are famous for their tolerance. This paradox is clearly evident in the Assange case.

    The wider spectrum of what is considered to be rape explains, to a certain extent that these societies have higher rape rates than other European countries. Alcoholism and a greater awareness by women of men’s abusive behaviour complete the explanation.

    But the sad truth is also that false accusations of rape or sexual abuse are not as rare as people might think.

    Sarah Correia

    11/01/2011 at 20:29

  2. […] Sorry To My Female Readers. […]

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