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Institutionalised Antisemitism In The Green Party, A Longstanding Member Resigns.

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Bob has a tremendously hard-hitting guest post by Toby Green.

Green had a 10-year membership of the Green Party in England and Wales but has resigned over its institutionalised antisemitism.

Green is exceedingly knowledgeable on this topic, as he was the chair of a working group within the Green Party to draw up a policy on antisemitism.

Readers will remember how political manoeuvrings within the Greens killed off that comprehensive policy statement against antisemitism.

Some of his points are arguable, but they are legitimate positions to hold and he has considerable experience of the internal workings of the Greens. It is a fascinating post.

I particularly liked these parts:

“To be fair, after all of this, the party did recognise that there was an issue. A report commissioned by the Green Party Regional Council (GPRC – a powerful decision-making body in the decentralisd power structure of the party), and written by two non-Jewish members, said that these were examples of a toleration of low-level anti-semitism, and that therefore a working party on anti-semitism was recommended to be established. Although kicked into the long grass at first, it started work when a senior figure recommended an article by a known holocaust denier on his blog. But the working party was quickly an impossibility. I should know: I was the chair, a position I only adopted when no one else was prepared to. Replies to very calm, polite emails asking for input came there none. Ever. Weeks would go by without any discussion, and if I as chair then asked for input this was always slack. One member only ever sent one email to the group. Eventually, a crisis came when a new GP member posted emails to a list confirming that the epithet of “squealing zionist” was justified. Since this was one of the phrases criticised in the original report to the GPRC, I brought this to the attention of the group – at which point one member resigned.

Far from it. After four years of this charade, it has become clear that the Green Party is institutionally anti-semitic. Its institutions have not dealt with clear evidence of anti-semitism. They show no evidence of wanting to, and indeed now seem to have decided to target perceived “problem” members of the party who have raised this issue. This is fundamentally a political decision: the Green party has decided that it is increasingly a hard left party, allied with enemies of Western capitalism. Rightly, it thinks that Islamophobia is one of the more dangerous phenomena to have arisen since 9/11, and in reaction against this it turns a blind eye to discrimination against perceived enemies of Islamic peoples, Israel, and the Jews. This is a classic case of projection: horrified at their own government´s attitudes towards Islamic countries, and wanting no part in it, this mentality projects this violence onto a scapegoat – Israel and Jews. “

Update 1: Some of these previous posts might shed some light on this dark and murky issue.

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  1. Thanks for the link. Btw, Toby’s name is Green not Greene, which I know makes things confusing given the name of the party in question!


    23/02/2011 at 16:29

  2. Will fix that, ta


    23/02/2011 at 16:43

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