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The Greens, Entryism And Shouting Contests.

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Sometimes issues on the Internet take on a life of their own. A few weeks back I dropped a comment on the Daily (Maybe), a very popular Green Party blog.

I didn’t see eye to eye with my host, Jim, and left it at that.

Readers will remember I have been following the issue of the Green Party and anti-Jewish racism for sometime.

Then suddenly I get follow-up emails from that thread, which springs to life as if shot by a bolt of lightning.

Sadly, the resultant exchanges shed no light on the issue of the Green Party and antisemitism, but they do tell you something about the characters involved.

One particular vigorous figure is Deborah Fink.

Ms. Fink is a comparatively new convert to all things green, which normally wouldn’t be a problem except she has brought along her past political baggage.

Ms. Fink was a once prominent member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, that was until she made a statement that:

“Israel does not deserve to be called ‘The Jewish state.’ It should be called ‘The Satanic state.’ I really don’t see the point [of] doing anything else other than boycott it in every possible way.”

JfJfP didn’t like it too much either:

“But Dan Judelson, elected last month as JfJfP chair, told the JC that Ms Fink’s remarks were “incompatible” with her responsibilities within the group — which include the role of recruitment officer.

The matter would be discussed at its monthly meeting on Sunday.

“Deborah Fink is not a member of the newly elected executive committee of JfJfP,” he stated. “As such, she speaks only for herself.” He said she had confirmed that she had posted the remarks online.”

All of that is moderate, compared to her attacks on other Greens in the comment thread at the Daily (Maybe):

“Actually Alan, I have not put a complaint in against you, so don’t like, but I am now considering it. Someone else was going to put in a complaint against you but I don’t know if s/he has done so yet or how far it has progressed.”

She makes a veiled threat to the blog’s host, Jim:

“What worries me most about this, is that Jim is a member of the executive. Time for him to step down, I think.”

From the thread we learn that Ms. Fink joined the Greens on a “whim” and states openly “My main issue is Palestine…”.

She attacks long standing Greens in an aggressive fashion, only having been a Green, herself, since early 2010.

Additionally, you can see Ms. Fink bad mouthing the Green Party and its members on a public bulletin board, JustPeaceUK :

“Basically, a handful of members, otherwise known as Greens engage, had complained about ‘anti-Semitism’ in the party, so to try and address their concerns, a working group was set up. This was before I joined. I’m not quite sure why the committee was disbanded but i think it was because Greens engage kept calling one member anti-Semitic. i can imagine that they weren’t getting anywhere.

From what I heard, Greens engage used to bully people on email lists into
silence on Israel/Palestine, by constantly accusing them of anti-Semitism, but that this all stopped once I joined the party! O yes, they’ve had a taste of their own medicine! They won’t dare argue with me. I’ve been exposing their arguments and agenda so that others won’t get taken in by them, and saying what non Jews on the lists would liked to have said, but didn’t dare.

So, this article is mostly nonsense and actually, they had no business publishing it when it wasn’t from official sources. I didn’t respond as i did not want to blow the whole thing up. “

She seems to do a bit of plotting too:

“I discussed this with them and the possibility of my writing in ‘As-a-Jew’ but we decided it was best to leave it– a response would have drawn more attention to it and possibly escalated it. However, I’m looking into taking action against these infiltrators. They’ve all gone quiet now, by the way…”

Ms. Fink’s divisive attitudes brought the JfJfP into disrepute and she left, so all in all it is not very promising for the Greens, if she doesn’t get her way she’ll probably leave as quickly as she joined, on a whim.

Small wonder Toby Green resigned.

5 Responses

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  1. No post about Mrs Deborah Fink is complete without this though:

    What I found remarkable about the thread at Jim’s blog, or at Bob’s blog, as on some GP “discussion” lists, is the impossibility to enter into any kind of rational debate. The level of hatred, the abandonement of rational thinking replaced by slogans, and the constant accusation of bad faith simply make debate impossible.

    Raphaël Lévy

    08/03/2011 at 21:45

  2. “Mrs”!? You’re kidding me.


    08/03/2011 at 22:32

  3. I saw it, and it is funny, but I support Ms. Fink’s right to make a fool of herself, it is her right to do whatever she feels appropriate with her own body, even act like a fool.

    However, she doesn’t have any right to tell other people what to do and what to think, which is why I objected to her conduct at Jim’s.

    Agreed, how debating such people is very difficult, as with that thread you find they often have a peculiar mix of paranoid and authoritarian character traits.


    08/03/2011 at 23:02

  4. O how you twist things Modernity…(typical Engage tactic).

    I did not attack the Green Party, but Greens Engage- because THEY publicly attack the party and do not have it’s best interests at hert..

    I also did not leave JfJfP, I merely resigned from my post as recruitment officer, which was to their loss.

    And no, I have no plans to leave the Green Party and I’m getting increasingly involved in it. I’m not a fickle person and am in it for the long haul. Incidentally, although I am known for my activism on Palestine, in the 1990s, I was a member of Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International. I just decided that Palestine is an area where I can make more of a difference. I joined the Greens because they have good policies on the things I care about and I’d been voting for them for a while.

    Deborah Fink

    10/03/2011 at 02:30

  5. P.S. I’m glad you find that video amusing. So do I. So much so that I used to have it on one of my My Spaces….

    However, I would not say I was making a fool of myself. It’s not my fault the police rudely interrupted my performance! But it could have been so that I wouldn’t get hurt by right-wing Zionist thugs. I’d like to see you lot be brave enough to walk into the Lion’s Den like that!

    My performance at the Wigmore Hall was much better….

    Deborah Fink

    10/03/2011 at 02:48

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