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Bahrain, Not An April Fool.

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The overall silence in the West concerning Bahrain is worrying and the comparison with Egypt and Libya is not an April fool.

Shrewd readers will have notice my attempt at humour and hopefully they were not taken in, but the Bahrain governments actions are not a joke, Reuters has more:

“(Reuters) – Bahrain released a prominent blogger but detained several people, including a pro-opposition doctor, the latest in a series of arrests since the kingdom’s crackdown on street protests, opposition sources said on Friday.

The tiny island’s Sunni rulers have stepped up arrests of cyber activists and Shi’ites, with more than 300 detained and dozens missing since the crackdown on pro-democracy protests earlier this month.

It imposed martial law and called in troops from fellow Sunni-ruled neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, to quell the protest movement led mostly by the state’s Shi’ite majority.

More than 60 percent of Bahrainis are Shi’ites and most want a constitutional monarchy.

Mattar Ibrahim Mattar, a member of Bahrain’s largest Shi’ite opposition group, Wefaq, said the party’s official arrest count was 329 by Thursday, but that the real number was likely to be over 400.

He said at least 20 people had been detained on Thursday and 31 were missing. It was unclear if those people were in hiding or had been abducted.

There have been several reports of missing people who have turned up dead days later, but activists say that many of their peers are also going into hiding to avoid arrest.”

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Gaddafi Leaves For…

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Rumours are circulating across the Internet that Colonel Gadaffi and his motley posse of thugs and murderers have taken refuge in Venezuela.

President Hugo Chavez, a long time friend and supporter of Colonel Gadaffi, is pictured below welcoming him to Venezuela.

President Chavez said to reporters:

“It is all imperialist nonsense about my friend, Muammar Gaddafi, being a dictator. He’s no more dictatorial than I am.

Muammar is a poor, honest man with hardly a cent to his name.

The way the Yankee imperialists and their running dog lackeys in Europe froze my friends billions in their banks is appalling. What a precedent!

Next they’ll be saying you can’t rule a country for life and pass it on to your sons. What imperialist basura.

Muammar will be comfortable in my presidential palace, granted it is a bit small, compared to what he’s used to. He said it reminded him of his chalet by the beach, but I will make him comfortable. And our friend from Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has promised to pop by. He’s busy meeting some neo-Nazis and locking up trade unionists in Tehran at the moment, but says when he’s free he’ll come too. “

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Greens Act On Antisemitism.

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Greens Engage has news of important developments within the Green Party concerning Antisemitism.

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CounterPunch, Wikipedia And Bob.

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Bob From Brockley has a superb post on CounterPunch, a well known ‘anti-imperialist’ rag with a propensity for publishing antisemites and their friends.

Bob details how criticism of Counterpunch has vanished from its Wikipedia entry.

It seems that CounterPunch can dish it out, but can’t take it.

More likely they don’t like being reminded of their push of unsavoury types like the Far Rightist, Israel Shamir, or the racist, Gilad Atzmon.

Their attempt at censorship is a bit silly, as all of it is kept on the Way Back machine, and can be read at your leisure.

Below is a snapshot from the Beta version of 15th September 2011, for the record:


Ben Cohen of the American Jewish Committee has described Counterpunch as “frequently anti-Semitic.”[2]

A number of writers, such as Franklin Foer of The New Republic and political commentator Steven Plaut, have written articles charging CounterPunch of being biased against Israel and antisemitic. Plaut cites the controversial anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon in particular, and alleges that, “Almost every self-hating Jew on the planet capable of banging on a keyboard is today either a columnist for the anti-American web magazine Counterpunch … or is an object of Counterpunch’s celebration.”[3][4]

CounterPunch has also been criticised by anti-Zionist activists Tony Greenstein and Roland Rance of Jews Against Zionism, for its practice of publishing articles by writers such as Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shamir which they describe as “blurring the distinction” between Zionism and Judaism, and failing to publish responses to these articles. [5][6]

In 2009, CounterPunch’s publication of articles by Alison Weir on organ transplant accusations were accused of disseminating the medieval antisemitic blood libel.[7]


Anyway enjoy Bob’s post, Counterpunch: for the record.